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( Jul. 7th, 2029 03:33 pm)
Welcome to the Livejournal of BATMARG!

**This Journal is Semi-friends only. If it involves to much personal stuff about me/my family/my friends I’ll friends-lock it, otherwise I leave it public.**

+If we haven’t talked in a community or something, if you wish for me to add you please introduce yourself here.
+I ask that if you friend me, we have something in common (or what will we talk about?).
-Do not friend me if: you are a troll or canon-nazi, plan to spread what is said here all over the internet(unless I suppose it’s a public post), have a problem w/ ME being somewhat religious, have a problem w/ political non-correctness, or mind my talking about real life.

Still in the process of overhauling the about me. Stay tuned

*About me
Enter the Marg )

*People Index of people most likely to come up in my posts (who will not be further explained every time):
,,, )

... )

... )

*Currently Watching(still running or I'm way behind on):
... )

*Shows/Book Series I dropped
... )

Main Fandoms I hang in currently: Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, MCU (in general), Person of Interest, Lucifer; Hell on Wheels; Supernatural; Constantine; Alien franchise; HTGAWM; LOTR/Hobbit; Gravity Falls; The Expanse; WTNV; Jane Austen; Ripper Street; Batman; Batman Beyond

Other Major Fandoms: X-Files; Jossverse; Leverage; Veronica Mars; Star Trek; Star Wars; X-Men

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Main Fandoms I hang in currently: Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, MCU (in general), Person of Interest, Eye Candy; Hell on Wheels (to S3 now!); Supernatural; Constantine; Alien franchise; HTGAWM; LOTR/Hobbit; Grimm; Gravity Falls; Helix; WTNV; Jane Austen; Ripper Street; Batman; Batman Beyond

Other Major Fandoms: X-Files; Jossverse; Leverage; Veronica Mars; Star Trek; Star Wars; X-Men

Any questions? Feel free to ask.
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( Nov. 1st, 2017 01:40 am)
*365 Day Meme

(93) If you were to die tomorrow, who would you spend your last day with? Why?
I'd probably do a quick visit w/ the folks and some other family & friends, but I'd spend the majority w/ my dogs/cat. It probably sounds bad, but I'd like to be peaceful on my last day and they are the most comforting and easy to be around. Besides, I love them more than anyone.

(94) What is one quote that inspires you the most?
"Nevertheless, she persisted." I doubt that needs explination.

(95) Are you introvert or extrovert?
More introverted.

(96) Things you can’t live without? Why?
Puppies, coffee, alone time, sleep, food, water...
*Adult stuff meme
... )
*Halloween Meme
1. What are you going to dress up for Halloween?
I didn't this year. No party and we're too far out of town for trick or treaters. I meant to wear some halloweeny stuff to work, but I'm so braindead in the mornings that I forgot.

2. What was your favorite Halloween costume you ever had?
Mom made me a Batman costume one year (my brother was Robin), which is a good competitor for first place. I think first place goes to the last year I dressed up when I was the victim of a chest-burster from Alien.

3. What is your favorite type of candy?
Not big on candy or sweet stuff in general tbh. I do like Take 5 bars & Reeses pretty well though.

4. What are your feelings on pumpkin flavoring or pumpkin spice flavoring?
I only like pumpkin if you treat it as a squash instead of a dessert.

5. With October almost gone, what was your favorite part of the month?
Finally getting some cool weather.
👻🔮✨ spooky questions! ✨🔮👻

ghost: have you ever seen a psychic?
No and I don't plan too.

witch: do you believe in heaven?

black cat: favorite urban legend?
I've always been fond of Bloody Mary for the scary factor. The hookman one is fun too.

bats: are you superstitious?
I say no, though I do occasionally fall into that natural sports fan superstition

coffin: have you ever had a paranormal experience?
There's a good chance I might've in college, though I'm not 100% sure.

cauldron: strangest dream (or nightmare) you’ve had?
Talk to anyone whose close to me: I have weird fucking dreams all the time. Too hard to pick a one.

wizard: do you believe in aliens?
I think it's likely, as big as the universe is.

enchanted: what fictional character scares you most?
Um, get back to you. At this point, body horror and dolls are what get me.

haunt: do you believe in haunted objects?
Not really, though I wouldn't mess with an object rumored to be haunted, just in case.

spells: do you believe in magic?
Again, not really, but I won't rule it out.

graveyard: do you believe any conspiracy theories?
Some very much.

potion: favorite horror movie?
Scream probably. Though Halloween, Jaws, The Conjuring, and The Exorcist all come in close behind it.

full moon: do you believe in reincarnation?

vampire: are you afraid of death?

pumpkin: do you believe in ghosts?
I'm gonna go with yes. They're the most believeable of paranormal things to me.

midnight: last horror move that you’ve watched?
Trick r Treat

skeleton: what is your biggest fear?
Fucking roaches.

crystal ball: when is a time you got caught?

magic: have you had any near-death experiences?
I think I almost died in the ocean one day, riding waves. I got slammed, headfirst into the dirt and I literally felt pain from my neck all the way down my spine.

raven: favorite fairytale?
Blue Beard. Anything Disney, kid!marg wanted the tales to follow Disney

ouija: have you ever played with a ouija board?
No. I watched The Exorcist. Not risking it.

fangs: favorite poem?
It's clearly taking me longer than the 365 days lol

(88) What’s your favorite animal? Why?
Dogs obviously…and I won't go there because it'd be an essay.

(89) Are you confident about how you look? Why/why not?
Not confident per se since I'm a tad overweight (not a lot, but still) and I'm pretty average looking. I'm not horrified either though.

(90) Favorite T.V. show? Why?
It varies. Atm, it's probably Lucifer. The writing and the characters are actually good, much better than I'd have expected.

(91) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
English countryside. I like rural living and British weather.

(92) Which fiction book/movie do you want to be true?
Ummm???? I don't know. I can definitely list a lot that I don't want to be true.
Have some friending memes:

link back to the friendzy

come join the party ( ! ) multi-fandom friending meme here

Not sure if I'm participating in either, but I figured I'd spread the word.
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( May. 26th, 2017 06:51 pm)

Still behind on postin. Hope to get to it sun or mon. Currently on my way to "party with rednecks at the river" till Sunday.

Enjoy your weekends

*I'm gonna try to start linking to real life entries at the start of the 356 meme or something. I suppose I could just have 2 copies of the same entry over here. Anyways, for those only following me here, here's links to the DW copy of rl stuff you may have missed:

*Last week
-this is mostly some stuff about progress on the house & Welcome to Rockville Music Fest.

*The preceding week
-mostly house stuff & a weekend at the beach w/ the folks. Plus lots of Misc.

& finally

*and the one before that
-Easter, all the stuff leading up to it, stuff w/ friends, etc
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( Apr. 16th, 2017 12:33 am)
I've gotten majorly behind on cross-posting from LJ. I'm not hopping on the full migration bandwagon, but I plan to do some major importing monday, just to be safe. Hope you're all well.

Happy Easter or have a nice Sunday, whichever applies to you. :)
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( Apr. 3rd, 2017 01:05 pm)
*Happy Birthday to [ profile] nebulasan, [ profile] kaitydid33087, & [ profile] pianogurl330. And Happy Birthday to anyone I've missed.
(32) Your relationship status and how you feel about it.
Single and satisfied with that 99% of the time. I don't really want to get married but there is a background fear that if I don't keep friendships up & don't have a hubby I'll be alone when I get old.

(33) Where you’d like to be in ten years.
Not paying student loans & comfortably in my house. Oh, and hopefully taking another trip to Europe.

(34) Your views on drugs and alcohol.
Drugs: it depends. I don't really have a problem w/ marijuana other than its illegality. Tobacco may be bad for you but it doesn't make you act stupid. Otherwise, I'm a bit iffy. Alcohol I have no problem with as long as people don't act too stupid (you know, drive drunk, put themselves in dangerous situations, etc).
*Saw the same 2 puppies on the side of the road on my way into work that I saw on my ride home Thursday in basically the same place. We have no shelter/rescue in my county. If they're still there tomorrow, I'm gonna see if the shelter (that I plan to volunteer w/ as soon as I get my tetanus booster) the county over will take them. My vet does let people drop them w/ her, but I hate to put that on her if I can find somewhere for them to go. I'd keep them, but I can't really afford 2 more (one maybe), but until I'm at the other house, I'd have to get Daddy to okay it & he definitely won't.
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( Mar. 31st, 2017 12:38 pm)
*Pimping for [ profile] jediknightmuse

Worldsmyths is a non-role playing community of fantasy writers and readers who enjoy looking through the wrong end of a telescope, filled with writers of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We discuss everything from writer's block to cliches, to magic systems and technology as well as other things such as helpful resources and more. Our library is members only and serves as a great way to read the writing that's been posted and give chapter-by-chapter reviews. We also have month long writing challenges and a trove of writing prompts.

*Writing discussion and resources
*Writing prompts and challenges
*Beta reading
*Members only library with opportunity for feedback
*Friendly staff and members
and much more!

Worldsmyths || Member Testimonials || Twitter || Facebook || Pinterest

*And for [ profile] mahmfic

Here's her brother's gofundme page
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( Mar. 23rd, 2017 05:07 pm)
LJ has been very inconsistent about what notifications its giving me if any. So, if I haven't responded to something you really think I would've or you've commented on my thread on one of the friending memes & I've ignored it: that's probably why. Feel free to drop me a note.
*Welcome to [ profile] arrowlike & [ profile] 1_rhiannon_1
*18. I wish I had _____
Um, a little more income & more time to travel.

19. Last think you wanted but didn’t get?
People to be able to adhere to a schedule

20. What mood were you in today?
This was Monday, so a very "meh" mood. Things weren't awful, but people were making it v hard for me to get things done.

21. What was the last new thing you tried?
One of those Dunkin Donuts prefab iced coffees they sell at gas stations. It's smoother than the Starbucks ones.
*Here's another friendzy if you'd like to check it out:

Spring Friending Friendzy
*I was going to update y'all with good news about Melissa/[profile] tigtogiba34 from FB, but I can happily say she's back on LJ today. :D

*I missed a few birthdays so happy belated birthday to: [personal profile] xfirefly9x & [personal profile] jediknightmuse. Sorry if I missed anyone.
*I fully intended to start on the 365 Questions yesterday on the first of March, but as usual, I got busy. So anyways:

(1) What is your number one goal this year?
To finally start on the house.

(2)What are you most grateful for?
Tie between steady (albeit low) income & my lovely furry kids

Here's the 365 Questions for reference )
*Taken: Pilot
... )

*Timeless: 1x14-1x16
... )

*Riverdale: Pilot-1x05
... )
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( Feb. 3rd, 2017 09:28 pm)
Edit: ignore this post. I was trying to comment on a friend's entry on the mobile app & apparently said app decided the comment needed to be a post. I'll just stick to the chrome app when i want to do ljing on mobile i guess lol/b>

Sorry she wont let you go. Maybe he'll come to a closer con.

My weekend is just: shopping before coupons expire, church stuff, a funeral, & the super bowl because im fr GA & the falcons are in it (i like college football but tend to not watch professional)

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( Jan. 29th, 2017 12:41 am)
*Happy Birthday to [ profile] braverys & [ profile] dungeonwriter

*Drink Meme )

*What was almost certainly a meme initially about naming kids... )

*A gofundme has been set up to help pay for [ profile] tigtogiba34's current medical needs. It's located here if you can & would like to contribute. The family is also asking for blood donations in the name of Melissa. Either way, you would be helping someone, which feels even more important these days.

*If you donate to the ACLU & tweet a picture these celebrities will match your donation.
*Victoria: Pilot
... )

*Beyond: Pilot-1x03
... )

*Sherlock 4x01-4x03
... )

*Criminal Minds: 12x08-12x10
... )

*Agents of Shield
... )

*Shadowhunters: 2x01-2x02
... )

*Code Black: -2x11-2x13
... )

*Lethal Weapon: 1x09-1x11
... )
*Victoria: Pilot
... )

*Beyond: Pilot-1x03
... )

*Sherlock 4x01-4x03
... )

*Criminal Minds: 12x08-12x10
... )

*Agents of Shield
... )

*Shadowhunters: 2x01-2x02
... )

*Code Black: -2x11-2x13
... )

*Lethal Weapon: 1x09-1x11
... )
*I'm basically caught up with my flist. I'm still catching up with replying to comments. Bear with me.

*I can really tell that I was into Avatar & Saiyuki when I made this DW. lol. Gonna update it after I update my lj (like I've been meaning to do for going on...3[?] years)

*Send me a number and I will answer (or more than one)!

1. Character in my fandoms that I think I’m most like.
2. What character archetype am I attracted to?
3. First ever ship and why.
4. How much has your life change ever since you started fangirling/fanboying?
5. Top 3 Favorite TV shows.
6. Top 3 Favorite movies.
7. Top 3 Favorite books.
8. Dream crossover?
9. Character death you still haven’t moved on yet?
10. Craziest fangirl/fanboy moment?
11. Ever cosplayed a character/dream cosplay?
12. Make me choose between two characters. (Oh god, please don't be a big meanie!)
13. Make me choose between two ships. (No really, please don't be a big meanie!)
14. Favorite fanfiction read/written.
15. Most loathed character. EVER.
16. Favorite villain/s.
17. A show you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
18. A character you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
19. A ship you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
20. Your ultimate OTP?
21. Any fandom related question you can think of. :)

*Welcome to [personal profile] nrgburst, [personal profile] apgeeksout & [personal profile] aphrodite_mine
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( Nov. 24th, 2016 06:20 pm)

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

Fir everyone else: i hope you have a lovely Thursday

October 27: Which activities make you lose track of time? [ profile] ama_ranth_827
Very little since I'm really OCD about scheduling, lol. But I do lose track of time when I'm hanging outside w/ the furry kids (walking, playing, snuggling,etc). And when I go out to eat at my favorite restaurant w/ the girls and we catch up and enjoy a few beers.

October 28: What's your favourite Autumn smells? [ profile] aweeghost
That general "autumn smell" outside. The leaves, the air, everthing.
Also: bonfires, apple cider (though I rarely drink it), and Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle.

Happy Birthday, [ profile] aweeghost!!! Hope you have a great day!
October 15: Do you have any 'must watch' Halloween movies? [ profile] aweeghost

Oh definitely.
Must Watch: Halloween; The Halloween Tree; Hocus Pocus; Scream; Trick R' Treat; at least one of the Friday the 13th movies (usually #1 or #4); Children of the Corn; TCM (either the original or the remake); ANOES; It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

And odds are I'm gonna watch: The Conjuring; The Exorcist; Poltergeist; and Evil Dead.

I always try to watch at least 31 Halloween/Horror movies so I try to cover a lot of movies, including some new ones each time. Often though, I end up falling asleep about 1/2way through and having to try again,

Halloween, Halloween Tree, and Hocus Pocus are my absolute must-sees though. And Children of the Corn has been part of my Halloween traditions since before I even really liked horror. ANOES, Scream, & The Conjuring are some of my favorite movies period. And I can't even begin to explain how much I adore The Exorcist.

October 16: Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?  [ profile] ama_ranth_827

Bruce Wayne/Batman from Batman The Animated Series. He was the first cartoon character I really fell in love with and became invested in his story. He was also my introduction to DC and Batman, which is still one of my favorite things ever.


Happy Birthday, [ profile] rogueslayer452!
*Post w/ real life stuff coming later today.

*As per usual: I downloaded pretty much all the free pilots from itunes & caught only a couple of these on tv. Think I've decided what I'm cutting thus far.

*Pitch: Pilot
... )
It was good, though I doubt I'll keep up with it this season. I'm not absorbed in it enough & I have never made it through an overcoming the odds sports movie (it's not my thing at all). I may give it a watch this summer though.

*Secrets & Lies: Season 2 Premiere
... )
Okay, that was a good premiere & doesn't tie into the previous season, which I didn't watch. Checking out more eps for sure.

*Aftermath: Pilot
... )
I'm iffy, but it is my sort of genre. I'll give it a few more eps to decide.

*The Exorcist: Pilot
... )
Better than I expected. I'll probably get behind because I rarely catch friday night tv, but I'm gonna keep watching.

*Van Helsing: 1x01-1x02
... )
It was a bit slow of a start, but absolutely my sort of genre, so I'm gonna give it a few more eps anyways

*MacGyver (Reboot): Pilot
... )
It was fun. REALLY cheesy though. I'll probably keep watching tbh. Like The Exorcist, I'll almost certainly get behind though.

*Lethal Weapon: Pilot & 1x02
... )
I actually really had a fun time watching this. I'm watching it until it turns me off

*Falling Water: Pilot
... )
It wasn't bad, but not captivating enough to hold a slot atm, despite my general 3 ep theory. If friends on the net get onto it, I'll look at it again over the summer/winter hiatus

*Designated Survivor: Pilot
... )
I enjoyed that more than I expected I would. I'll watch a few more eps anyways

The first time I watched the pilot I was cooking for a church dinner & honestly remember very little of it. It was free on itunes, like most of the pilots, so I gave it another go.
... )
Okay. I liked the pilot better the second round. That said, I still don't know that I'll watch it live, at least till Scream Queens season finales. I mean, Scream Queens isn't good, but it's very entertaining. I'm not sure how entertaining this is for me.

*Notorious: Pilot
-... )
Not good, not bad. Giving a few more eps.

*Otherwise I watched a pile of other pilots. Atlanta ,which was good, though clearly not written for me, so I'll give further eps a pass (though I loved the references to places I know). Now, anyone who knows me well knows I don't watch comedies (excepting a select few Britcoms, That 70s Show, Sienfeld, & Friends) because I tend to not find them funny. This is to say, don't take my opinions on these to heart. Anyways, I did watch a few of the comedy/dramedy premieres this year just to give them a go though The Good Place. It was surprisingly entertaining. I doubt I'll keep up w/ it. That said, it doesn't conflict w/ anything else I watch so I may watch it while I yoga on Thursdays. Speechless was fairly charming, but not something that will keep me interested for a season, so I'm dropping it. I find most comedies obnoxious after a few epsiodes. This Is Us was way better than I expected, but not my kind of thing. I may revisit it if it hits netflix instant.


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