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( Sep. 21st, 2016 03:01 pm)
Well, apparently our connection (which has been very slow today) doesn't like lj atm.

I've tried to comment on a few of your entries before it decides the page took too long to respond.

I hope to be back w/ y'all soon.

*fingers crossed this actually posts*

Edit 1: Well, apparently the first entry I thought mobile refused to post did actually post. Oops.

Edit 2: I had to get on the one Ethernet connected computer to print some documents and it seems LJ works on Ethernet...unfortunately, I'm on wifi so this doesn't help much. lol
Well, it's my last day before I go back to school. I'm heading back tomorrow morning and should be able to let you all know my internet situation at least by monday. I'm going to dinner with my grandparents tonight. (and will be having a steak. yum.)

I'm really ready to see everyone again and fangirl w/ Becca. :) Going to really miss my parents and cousin though, esp daddy since I don't constantly text him(like my cousin) or call him (like w/ mom.)

And poor mom really needed me to work Monday. I may try to help her long distance.

Anyways, please keep your fingers crossed for me that things will work out w/ both my internet and roomies.

PS-Finished Saiyuki Gunlock. It was pretty good, but not nearly as good as the previous 2 series....except the Sanzo shirt ripping, that part was nice. XD
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( Aug. 13th, 2008 05:02 pm)
My friend is awesome! She made me a Gambit plushie!!!

More people from my high school(who I actually like) are going to be attending my college. :)

When I get home I need to get off my lazy ass and pack my stuff, being that I’m leaving Saturday morning.

Is Breaking Dawn as much epic fail as everyone says?

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My net still isn't working at home and I dunno the situation at the trailer yet. But I'll be on campus most of the time b/c I'll be living 10 miles away and wish to save gas...and there's wirless in the union & library.


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