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( Aug. 13th, 2010 02:22 pm)
1)The meme continues:
# Day 04 - The pairing with the most chemistry? Darcy/Elizabeth. (close seconds being Zutara, Dean/Cas, Sawyer/Kate)

2) Welcome to anyone from the recent friending meme! I have a twitter as well if anyone wants to follow me there too. Just let me know

3) Moving back to school tomorrow. Send prayers/luck/good vibes. I'll need it....especially since my friends decided we needed to live on the third floor and moving stuff up flights of stairs in south Georgia heat....not a good idea.

4) Looking at my semester, I may be able to beta fics again for a while. Drop me a note if you need a beta. Just no epic-length fics please. Senior year & all that.

5) Also, due to fandomsecrets, I've been rewatching some of the old Beast Wars episodes. Anyone (besides Lisa) ever watch that? It's actually really well-written, dark and has awesome characters....and I kinda realized Dinobot had been one of my childhood idols. What does that say about a person? I kind of want to squee over characters and plot points now. :/
Happiness Meme Day 2
1. I'm going to see HP tonight!
2. I ran into my friend I haven't seen in months.
3. I left my keys at home, but Dad had spares.
4. Dad went to the awesome meat market of non-greasy sausage & inch-thick pork chops.
5. We finally managed to buy a new coffee pot that works. :D
6. All my veoh downloads actually worked okay.
7. I got some music off itunes via gift card from Mom.
8. Dad was in an oddly good mood at work today. (He's usually really pissy till we get home)

Hey look! Pretty good day. However: WTF? New songs cost $1.29? Really?

Visit to Wt's yesterday was very weird, but good. He'd bought his dog a collar, did a bit of yardwork and got all his names right. He even called his BP by her first name. Odd, but wonderful. Keep it up WT!

About to go attempt to rent Watchmen. Hope there is still a copy!


I shall end this mostly pointless post w/ a Zutara amv )
1)I’m about to disappear till Monday unless I find someone’s wireless to piggy-back off of.. So I hope you guys have a great weekend!
....I miss my puppies already! Oh! And Penny has totally accepted Chloe now. Just Honey to go!

2)I should be seeing the latest Harry Potter. I’m really excited. Also, why are the HP boys the only stars around my age I’m attracted to? (Well, them & Ed Westwick) All the rest of the actors I like are 35+. *is weird*

3)lol. Would people honestly be dumb enough to buy these?

4)Why is it nobody tells you shit ahead of time? I was invited late last night to go w/ the bff to the HP midnight showing AFTER I told her I was leaving w/ Mom to go to the beach the next day and hadn’t packed anything yet. And my uncle waited till today to tell us that they were meeting us 2morrow and my gpa had been mistaken about Saturday. I mean it’ll be great to see them but sheesh.
4a)Is my family really the only ppl that pack the night before?

5)CAPSTARA and work aren’t meant to be done at the same time. No duh!

6)Seriously zutaraians. We can win hottest ship w/o socks. Stop using them, especially those really obvious ones. Though if while I’m gone it’s time for another vote, you can use one for me

7)Ugh, that same random dude from Peru who tried to friend me on facebook (and swore we knew each other) about 6 months to a yr ago tried to friend me again. How hard is “I’ve never met you in my life” to understand?

See ya’ll Monday!
1) I had the weirdest dream.... Involving Avatar & Twilight movies...and shipping )

Told Mom about the dream. Had to explain that the Dante Basco stuff was real, not just part of my dream. She laughed and said you guys are awesome.

2)Also, WTF w/ that ATLA movie cast? Only one I like fine is Aang.

3)And I’m not registered yet, but I defiantly have someone to go w/ me to AWA so I will be going! Hope to see some of you there!

EDIT: Okay another wacky dream:
In one part Tom Felton was my bff and was asking me why I hadn't seen HP yet.
Then I decided I was just gonna drive up to Atlanta by myself and attend Dragon*Con just for the day. In the dream, you couldn't register ahead of time and had to at the door. I see this terrifying line and then realize they're allowing people to sign up to be extras in New Moon right next to the D*C building. I see a very short line for D*C and go in. I get inside and realize the reason it was short was b/c it was the VIP entrance. I get inside and see David Boreanaz and chat w/ him for a minute b4 my friend Jordy comes up and enthusiasically greets me. In my dream he'd become a famous movie star and b/c of this had gotten severely addicted to drugs. He asked me if I'd ever gotten high in our hometown's DQ. Then I woke up.

WTF? And why does Twilight keep ending up in my dreams? Is this it's revenge for me not seeing the movie?
1)Chloe is becoming increasingly fond of walks in the woods and chased a bird ythe other day. I’m getting a hunting dog! And yesterday morning I walked her over near my G-ma’s to discourage doing her business in the yard and Honey actually played w/ her a bit. She was ecstatic; the other dogs have been trying to ignore her thus far. I told Honey it was absolutely adorable and she should do it more.
We also had to give the poor puppy a flea bath….which was interesting since we haven’t given a dog a bath since I was 10, but we didn’t want the fleas to spread to the other two dogs. Or us for that matter.
Anyways, I may put up some pics of Chloe and probably the other 2 dogs soon(ish).

2)My poor cousin has to go to my college’s extremely sucky orientation today. So we went to lunch yesterday. Apparently they decided to keep the pincher mix puppy that someone dropped in WT’s yard the other day. Named it Pip.(short for Pipsqueak. Pip was actually in the running for Chloe’s name, but it would’ve been short for Pippa). I tried to go over all the profs she didn’t want, but will probably just have to txt her a list.

NOTE: Damn aren’t we a puppy-oriented family. Sheesh.

3)All these Zutara fanmixes are making me a very happy fangirl. However lack of Gojyo/Sanzo amvs is making me a sad fangirl....and now I'm noticing how many of these Zutara songs make me think of G/S. Hmmm.

4)Does it make me a bad Christian that I’ve always loved the fact my church had Sunday school and 1 church service on Sunday morning, choir on Wednesdays and a once a month supper and that’s it? I know they’re trying to get more members through prayer meetings and other activities, but I’d really rather not have to go. I feel kinda bad about it, but I like my free time.

5)OMG! I really want to go to Dragon*Con again, but I need to save money for study abroad. But guys: Tom Felton, Jonathan Maberry(new author I like), James Marsters, Leonard Nimoy, John Schneider, and Michael Shanks! Why did the mean D*C people send me this magazine?

6)Shipping meme )

7) I just learned that friends of the family lost their baby. They were on vacation and noticed that the baby wasn't moving. When she went to the dr there wasn't a heart-beat. They c-sectioned but it didn't make it. :(...gosh if that doesn't put the death of Jay(my beagle) in perspective.

8)Also, I'm not a big fan of sausage, but Dad has found the best ever at the meat market. Who ever heard of non-greasy, not over-spiced sausage? I guess the people who cut inch-thick pork chops. :D
Apparently the entire system of my internet service providers is down. My home service is crappy in general due to me living in the middle of the country and having the world's slowest dail-up, but I still miss it. I have no idea when it'll be working again.

*Soap people: So I may be unavailable for chats, but contact me if you need me.

In the meantime, I'll try to stay roughly up to date on everyone's ljs. But I'm checking them at work so who knows.

On the other hand: soon we will have more Avatar!!
Spoilers! )

And I finished Saiyuki Reload. Awesome, as expected. Sanzo's too sexy for his own good. *loves him* Starting on Gunlock. Also, I watched all of Weiss Kreuz Kapital.(most saiyuki fans seemed to love it) It was good, but not nearly as awesome as Saiyuki. Still, Yohji's the sex.(Dibs!) Does anyone know if Gluhen's any good? Apparently they totally changed the character designs and added two newbs.

Finally Meme in case you're bored... )


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