*Welcome, new friends from the recent memes!

*My family & C's went down to the beach for New Year's. We hit some awesome restaurants & mostly lazed about. C & I hit the used book store at the pier and grabbed a few things. C & my aunt also gave me a late Christmas gift they didn't get wrapped by Christmas. TK had us watch a bunch of OUAT S1 & we all watched Downton Abbey S5 to refresh before the new season. I also finished The Book Thief (which was REALLY good, even better than the movie) & started Gillian Anderson's book, which has been an easy & enjoyable read thus far.
Pretty nice weekend, though the house starts feeling too small once you have 8 people in it.
Daddy on the other hand spent the trip sick, and, mom insisted he go to urgent care when we got home Sunday (Daddy & I have historically been very against going to the dr because of time & money but mom was very convincing). As expected: stomach bug. He'll be fine.

*Looks like I've got to run Chloe (the beagle) to the vet friday since she's been limping for going on 4 weeks now. They said I had to drop her off so they could "squeeze her in whenever" and they would "keep her till the end of the workday for me". I had to nix that last bit. She's people shy & if I leave her there all day, I'll never get her in a car again. So, I'm going to have to make them call me the second she's done & keep her with me at the office until the end of the workday, unless they release her by lunch, in which case I'll take her home. :/

*And my brother texted me to say that Regan & Susie (labs) teamed up to chew off Susie's collar, so I have to fuss at dogs when I get home & I get to buy another. (I never used to put collars on them, but I had them on for deer season & they seemed to have gotten used to them so we decided to roll w/ it).

*My (digital) Welcome to Rockville tickets came in today!

*Downton Abbey: 6x01
... )

*iZombie: 2x09
... )

*Agents of Shield: 3x10
... )-
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( Dec. 30th, 2015 10:25 am)
*Our out of town company left this morning. :) Its always nice to have them but after a couple days I'm ready for things to go back to normal.

*Also, have another friending meme.

*Well, last night I planned to watch AoS or The Dovekeepers (because ladies) live and then catch up on the finale of The Musketeers. We had lighting storms all around our part of the state. The Dish went out on ABC so I figured that mean Dovekeepers. Then the Dish went out on everything but Food Network. So we switched to the analog (which only gets CBS & PBS) to continue watching Dovekeepers...then the power went out so no anything except playing games on my tablet in the dark till I got sleepy. Oh well, plenty to watch tonight then.

*Apparently, my Dad is so in love with my little Regan (the black lab) that he apparently declared to mom the other night about 1 am that he was "concerned for Regan's mental health when Marg moves out in a couple years because she won't know where to live & she'll miss me."..the thing to keep in mind is the house I'm fixing is on family property...maybe half a mile from my parents house.

*I know the title of this entry is a mess up of a common quote. The above is a statement made by the mom of one of my best friends...a woman who also greeted us at the door with generic anime character boxers on the outside of her clothes thinking that we were her husband. lol
1) Survived trip #2. Everyone displayed good behaviour. We stopped by the old Macon mall & I got 3 pairs of jeans (1 was ½ off!), 1 long-sleeved shirt (OMG! I bought long sleeves), & a Cobra Starship tee. And I managed to get back in time for a haircut. Successful day!

2) My grandma has me coming to her house tonight to “pick something up”. I assume it’s b-day stuff, but she’s the kind of person who’ll suck me in forever. :(
2a) Is it horrible that I have this couple at church who I’ve adopted as my grandparents and when I’m at college I miss them way more than my actual grandparents (save the one who died 2 Thanksgivings ago)?

3) Renting Transformers 2 this weekend. :D

4) Also, thanks to [Bad username or site: “fandomsecrets” @ livejournal.com] I’ve pushed Watson/Holmes/Adler to the side in place of Watson/Holmes/Adler/Mary. I mean, the ship name is WHAM. Lol. And I may be, uh, dragged to see Holmes again once I return to school . :D

5) Going back to school Sunday. Woohoo. *sarcasm* Should be there 5ish. And on the net w/n a couple hours. So I shall soon have more constant net access! Woohoo! *not sarcasm*

6) Thus far taking my usual 16 hours of classes. No class on Friday at the moment!
Current Schedule is:

10:00 am-Aerobics (may take an 11 am if I can)
2:00 pm-Feminist Thought (Ew. But I need the poli sci credits)
3:30 pm-American Lit 2 (this MAY be dropped, since the prof has been said to suck, but I need to be able to take another lit in place thereof & not ditch my friend in the class)

9:30 am-Southern Politics
2:00 pm-Milton
3:30 pm-US Const. History

7) Anyone bedsides me & maybe Aki going to MomoCon this year? Just curious.

8) Give me a character and I will name: 1) my OTP for them; 2) the runner-up pairing; 3) honorable mentions; 4) crack pairings; 5) a ship that everyone seems to like, but I don't.
1) Happiness meme Day 5
1. Finally joined ontd_startrek. :D
2. Mom’s finally done w/ the cases that were stressing her.
3. Dad’s going to Kroger. (This is great b/c Harvey’s sucks)
4. Going out to dinner, and my town’s only non-fast food, non-foreign restaurant is GOOD. (And not pricey) Even better, my brother has martial arts prac then
5. Dad found Kitty's kittens out by the pump house. There's just 2 apparently. (see item 5)

2) Honey is having ear issues again. (She’s quite prone to ear infections) Her ears seem to be bothering her, but she doesn’t yelp when I touch them. (She usually does when she has one). I’m concerned that it may be ear mites. Anyone have any experience w/ pets getting them? If it’s an ear infection, she tends to get over it, but if its ear mites I need to go get meds and treat all the dogs.
And I know the vet could tell me if she had them, but 1) that costs money 2)if she didn’t have them they’d just charge us for the consult 3)She’s filthy 4)my dogs don’t do leashes, collars, buildings or cars….or baths….wow, that sounds bad.

3)Backing off my coffee intake prior to going back to school is no fun. It’s hard to only drink one cup when the coffee still in the pot smells good. (I’m not shooting for one cup a day though. Trying to cut down from 5 a day to 3. And then down to 2)

4)Lol. Dad is leading the church service Sunday in the preacher’s absence. This means me and my cousin can make faces at him and he can’t do a thing about it. (Aren’t we mature? He’d do the same thing to us)
The message, however, will be given by a wonderful lady who was a favorite teacher of mine back in middle school. She lost her baby when her father(the woman’s, not the baby’s) didn’t know the baby was behind his truck and backed over her. The family did manage to pull through with God’s help. This was years ago, but I still think the message will probably an emotional one.

5) Sadly we're definatly going to have to get rid of the kittens in order to not have a repeat of our last massive cat invasion. Note: At least 50 of them running around the property, only 5 of which would let you touch them, and only another 5 would allow you to get w/n 5 ft of them.
We've decided to inact a one cat at a time plan. Still does this mean I won't seek out said kittens and name them? Not at all. :D

6)Meme times! )
1)I’m about to disappear till Monday unless I find someone’s wireless to piggy-back off of.. So I hope you guys have a great weekend!
....I miss my puppies already! Oh! And Penny has totally accepted Chloe now. Just Honey to go!

2)I should be seeing the latest Harry Potter. I’m really excited. Also, why are the HP boys the only stars around my age I’m attracted to? (Well, them & Ed Westwick) All the rest of the actors I like are 35+. *is weird*

3)lol. Would people honestly be dumb enough to buy these? http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2009/fortune/0907/gallery.dumbest_iphone_apps.fortune/index.html

4)Why is it nobody tells you shit ahead of time? I was invited late last night to go w/ the bff to the HP midnight showing AFTER I told her I was leaving w/ Mom to go to the beach the next day and hadn’t packed anything yet. And my uncle waited till today to tell us that they were meeting us 2morrow and my gpa had been mistaken about Saturday. I mean it’ll be great to see them but sheesh.
4a)Is my family really the only ppl that pack the night before?

5)CAPSTARA and work aren’t meant to be done at the same time. No duh!

6)Seriously zutaraians. We can win hottest ship w/o socks. Stop using them, especially those really obvious ones. Though if while I’m gone it’s time for another vote, you can use one for me

7)Ugh, that same random dude from Peru who tried to friend me on facebook (and swore we knew each other) about 6 months to a yr ago tried to friend me again. How hard is “I’ve never met you in my life” to understand?

See ya’ll Monday!
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( Jul. 6th, 2009 01:16 pm)
1)Thursday mom went and got us a new beagle puppy. We named her Chloe. She’s 12 weeks old and very cute. Although she’s gonna live outside, we’re still having to get her trained to do her business out of the yard, not jump on people’s legs, not chew on clothes and other things, but my brother is making it very difficult. Seriously, if I’m trying to train the dog not to jump on people, don’t encourage her to jump on you. Oh well, anyways, she seems to get quite excited when we walk the woods path, so looks like I got another hunting beagle like my baby. :D
That said, I spent about 20 minutes this morning getting her out from under the porch this morning since she forgot how to get out and then blocking her path back in. Since it rained, Dad only lets dogs on the front porch (the back one is the dogs’) when someone is on it, and she’s not totally comfortable hanging w/ the big dogs yet(esp since they don’t like her much yet either) she decided under the porch was the place to go.

2)I went to see Public Enemies Friday. It was very good. Johnny Depp was fabulous as always, and I just love classy bank robbers in fedoras anyways. Also, how the hell had my brother never heard of Baby Face Nelson before Friday?

3)I also rented Eagle Eye. It was pretty good, nothing spectacular though. And I kinda figured out the plot way ahead of time.

4)4th of July Weekend )

5) I finally bought a Cobra Starship cd. I also found a Rorschach tee at Wal-mart. (Thanks for the tip, DPAK)

How were your holidays?
1)Welcome to any new people! *waves* Just letting you know, a sad fact of my lj is I have no net access when at home. So most of my lj-ing is done on breaks at work until the fall when I go back to college….then I mess around on lj when I should be studying.

2) That said, I’ll actually be disappearing to go to the beach this weekend around 3:30 so I’ll have to get to ya’ll better next week.

3) I’m sorry but I’m not really upset about Michael Jackson’s death. I mean, it feels weird that he’s dead since he’s always been there, but that’s about it for me.

4)I really wanna see Transformers, but my cousin already saw it, my brother and I don’t get along well alone for long periods, and my parents adamantly refuse to ever watch anything related to TF. (They find anime dumb in general & since TF was originally an anime they saw and thought was stupid…..). I think I can convince them to go with me to Ice Age 3 &/or Public Enemies.

5)No particularly hilarious family stories this week.(new people Only that WT referred to himself over the phone to someone as “Wm., the handsome attorney”….though he’s been retired for YEARS. Lol.

6)I’m still depressed about my puppy. And my Dad and brother are still pushing for a new puppy. I’m still kinda meh about it, but I’m sure if we get a new puppy I’ll love it. *has no resistance for dogs….except chihuahuas* Listening to suggested names, good and insane, is hilarious. My favorites so far are Sebastian(that was mine), Artemis Prime(mom), Dingleberry(Tay), Obama(lol). We’ve suggested more appropriate less scaring to the dog names as well. But names like Max, Ben(so I could call it Benji), Sam, etc just don’t have the same ring to them. :D
Note: We haven’t even got a puppy yet.
6a) I managed to go on a walk in the woods(my baby’s fav activity) yesterday and not cry. Though walks aren’t as fun w/o him chasing deer.

Have a great weekend flist!
1) Watched a couple movies over the weekend. Gran Torino was excellent. Even if I did spend the whole movie thinking “Holy shit! Clint Eastwood=Bruce Wayne in a live action BatBey movie The International was decent. I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been so sleepy when I watched it.

2) Tried the first 3 eps of Wolverine and the X-men(it was at the rental place). It was ok. Not the best revamp I’ve ever seen by far. And Rogue is annoying.

3) Our plans to go to the river this past weekend were shot. My cousin was working, we had a father’s day dinner at her house (while she wasn’t there and I was somewhat bored…except the amusing political convo the grandparents were having. They’re all rather…not fond of Obama), and Dad managed to hurt himself walking out of the court house Thursday. He just somehow managed to pinch a nerve with his spine. He’s just now starting to walk straight again. (He’s rather prone to back injuries after he fell off a second-story roof and landed on a pine root sometime before I was born)
Oh well, I think we’re off to the beach again this weekend.

4) I can now grill ribs!

5) Yesterday evening, Dad came in and told me my beagle was hit by a car. I cried off and on for the rest of the evening. He was my baby. Since I never cry in front of people (except mom) my brother and father were thrown off. My brother was actually nice. And Dad’s trying to make me feel better by trying to get a new puppy (which would make me feel better in almost any situation save this one); I’d rather wait but he said if we’re gonna get another beagle from the same people it’s probably the right time of year to get one. :/
Anyways, distract me flist. Rec some seriously fluffy fic.

6) On the bright side, I tried the first ep of Castle last night. It was awesome.
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( Jun. 11th, 2009 01:34 pm)
1)I'm a lot less upset about the weekend's big shock. I'm more amused than anything else at this point. Apparently he pulled his "poor, pitiful me" act with her this morning though. *rolls eyes* Had eye surgery Tues and always wigs out. Apparently also pulling the "don't drink enough water, don't turn on your AC, and then stand up too fast bit".

2)Starting to get into Super Junior now. (I blame you, Erica). Seriously: 13 member boy band? I really need some new good American music; I've only been listening to K-pop/J-rock for weeks now.

3)Finished watching Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro. Liked it. I think I'll actually read the manga now. It seems to be generally viewed as better (and is definatly longer). Mainly I want more Sasazuka (on whom I totally have dibs)

4)I need a government job covering shit up; I'm damned good at it. (Of course when things that honestly shouldn't be secret are supposed to be secret anyway, informing me is a good idea)

5)Ran this morning before work. How the hell do people run every morning. It sucks. But I decided I had to do so in the mornings b/c it's getting far to hot to do in the afternoons.
5a) Not due just to running but I've dropped a pound. *fist pump of victory* Just the same, cutting portion size is killin' me.

6)Maybe going to the beach this weekend! (Yes, again) Hope it works out. Beach weekends are fun times of good food, catching up on my reading, and a strangly relaxed family. And good beer

7) This book is very good. I'm almost done with it. Dad had rec'd it to me. It's like a better Stephen King. (Dad described it as "what Koontz wished he was writing")

8)Apparently there are masked superheroes in NY. o_O http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/06/11/earlyshow/main5080828.shtml
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( Jun. 3rd, 2009 03:30 pm)
1)Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] spiritualenergy I now have a Dreamwidth account. I don’t know that I’ll be using it that much, but with lj’s tendency to go insane, I have it as a backup. Still, feel free to friend me over there. My username is also batmarg.

The entry isn't that long but to save your f-lists....
Items 2-4 )

5)Best news is baby Liam seems to be doing MUCH better. Neuro thinks they can ween him off the meds!! :D


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