*I'm basically caught up with my flist. I'm still catching up with replying to comments. Bear with me.

*I can really tell that I was into Avatar & Saiyuki when I made this DW. lol. Gonna update it after I update my lj (like I've been meaning to do for going on...3[?] years)

*Send me a number and I will answer (or more than one)!

1. Character in my fandoms that I think I’m most like.
2. What character archetype am I attracted to?
3. First ever ship and why.
4. How much has your life change ever since you started fangirling/fanboying?
5. Top 3 Favorite TV shows.
6. Top 3 Favorite movies.
7. Top 3 Favorite books.
8. Dream crossover?
9. Character death you still haven’t moved on yet?
10. Craziest fangirl/fanboy moment?
11. Ever cosplayed a character/dream cosplay?
12. Make me choose between two characters. (Oh god, please don't be a big meanie!)
13. Make me choose between two ships. (No really, please don't be a big meanie!)
14. Favorite fanfiction read/written.
15. Most loathed character. EVER.
16. Favorite villain/s.
17. A show you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
18. A character you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
19. A ship you used to love but eventually hated or vice-versa.
20. Your ultimate OTP?
21. Any fandom related question you can think of. :)

*Welcome to [personal profile] nrgburst, [personal profile] apgeeksout & [personal profile] aphrodite_mine
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( Mar. 5th, 2011 02:28 pm)
Welcome new friends from the White Collar friending meme!

As you can probably see, I'm not terribly active on lj right now between classes and law school applications. You'll be more likely to find me on tumblr &
twitter during the school year. Feel free to add me either place (though if your username doesn't match your lj one at twitter, let me know so I can add you back).
I promise I'm much more active in the summer!
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( Jul. 30th, 2009 05:31 pm)
Sorry I'm a bit behind, and am about to buzz off again. Rl stuffs. So no time to make this all html pretty.
Happiness meme Day 6
1.Found the missing file. B/c I am skilled.
2.Awesome jeongdao art . :D
3.We bought ear mite meds and the dogs didn’t complain too much when we administered them
4.It didn’t take 8 million tries to get the closing package to print.
5.Ran into a HS friend.
6.Hung at my fav cousin’s.
7.Terry McGinnis

Day 7
1.We managed to finish said closing by lunch!
2.I didn’t run this morning. I slept instead. :D
3.Five dollar; five dollar; five dollar footlonggggg!
4.Terry again.

2)Hey Newbs! Welcome to my lj!

3)So, I was on Yahoo this morning and under Top 10 popular searches was TwiCon. Yeah, it’s just what you think it is. http://www.twicon.org/home.html Does this not look terrifying? And I don’t even hate Twilight. Rathbone’s attending though; some Twitard/Avatard needs to go & asked him what happened to “getting a tan” for the part of Sokka.

4) http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/movie-talk-depp-burton-dark-shadows.html I’ve never watched Dark Shadows, but my Mom & her secretary said this should be good. (Kinda a duh though. Burton + Depp, it’ll at least be worth seeing once.)

5)We gave all the dogs ear mite stuff without too much complaint, except from Penny, but as good a momma-dog as she is, she’s REALLY high-strung (You’d be too if you got shot). Honey seemed a little off this morning though, not in pain or anything, just not as Honey.

6) Meme I snagged from Elle )

Yeah, this was done in Word when I was bored and I basically just pasted it cuz I'm in a hurry. Sorry for lack of coding.
1)Welcome to any new people! *waves* Just letting you know, a sad fact of my lj is I have no net access when at home. So most of my lj-ing is done on breaks at work until the fall when I go back to college….then I mess around on lj when I should be studying.

2) That said, I’ll actually be disappearing to go to the beach this weekend around 3:30 so I’ll have to get to ya’ll better next week.

3) I’m sorry but I’m not really upset about Michael Jackson’s death. I mean, it feels weird that he’s dead since he’s always been there, but that’s about it for me.

4)I really wanna see Transformers, but my cousin already saw it, my brother and I don’t get along well alone for long periods, and my parents adamantly refuse to ever watch anything related to TF. (They find anime dumb in general & since TF was originally an anime they saw and thought was stupid…..). I think I can convince them to go with me to Ice Age 3 &/or Public Enemies.

5)No particularly hilarious family stories this week.(new people Only that WT referred to himself over the phone to someone as “Wm., the handsome attorney”….though he’s been retired for YEARS. Lol.

6)I’m still depressed about my puppy. And my Dad and brother are still pushing for a new puppy. I’m still kinda meh about it, but I’m sure if we get a new puppy I’ll love it. *has no resistance for dogs….except chihuahuas* Listening to suggested names, good and insane, is hilarious. My favorites so far are Sebastian(that was mine), Artemis Prime(mom), Dingleberry(Tay), Obama(lol). We’ve suggested more appropriate less scaring to the dog names as well. But names like Max, Ben(so I could call it Benji), Sam, etc just don’t have the same ring to them. :D
Note: We haven’t even got a puppy yet.
6a) I managed to go on a walk in the woods(my baby’s fav activity) yesterday and not cry. Though walks aren’t as fun w/o him chasing deer.

Have a great weekend flist!


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