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*Yay! Fall tv has started back. :D
Note: I tend to watch all the drama pilots (esp since Pilots are often free on itunes) and maybe a few more episodes before I decide what to keep. I doubt I'll watch ALL of these. I don't watch any comedies live. I'm super picky about my comedies and just watch the ones I like on netflix.

My fall tv schedule.
... )

*Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] aweeghost
Harry Potter Meme )

*Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I plan to post something of more substance later in the week. :)
Happiness Meme Day 2
1. I'm going to see HP tonight!
2. I ran into my friend I haven't seen in months.
3. I left my keys at home, but Dad had spares.
4. Dad went to the awesome meat market of non-greasy sausage & inch-thick pork chops.
5. We finally managed to buy a new coffee pot that works. :D
6. All my veoh downloads actually worked okay.
7. I got some music off itunes via gift card from Mom.
8. Dad was in an oddly good mood at work today. (He's usually really pissy till we get home)

Hey look! Pretty good day. However: WTF? New songs cost $1.29? Really?

Visit to Wt's yesterday was very weird, but good. He'd bought his dog a collar, did a bit of yardwork and got all his names right. He even called his BP by her first name. Odd, but wonderful. Keep it up WT!

About to go attempt to rent Watchmen. Hope there is still a copy!


I shall end this mostly pointless post w/ a Zutara amv )
1)I’m about to disappear till Monday unless I find someone’s wireless to piggy-back off of.. So I hope you guys have a great weekend!
....I miss my puppies already! Oh! And Penny has totally accepted Chloe now. Just Honey to go!

2)I should be seeing the latest Harry Potter. I’m really excited. Also, why are the HP boys the only stars around my age I’m attracted to? (Well, them & Ed Westwick) All the rest of the actors I like are 35+. *is weird*

3)lol. Would people honestly be dumb enough to buy these? http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2009/fortune/0907/gallery.dumbest_iphone_apps.fortune/index.html

4)Why is it nobody tells you shit ahead of time? I was invited late last night to go w/ the bff to the HP midnight showing AFTER I told her I was leaving w/ Mom to go to the beach the next day and hadn’t packed anything yet. And my uncle waited till today to tell us that they were meeting us 2morrow and my gpa had been mistaken about Saturday. I mean it’ll be great to see them but sheesh.
4a)Is my family really the only ppl that pack the night before?

5)CAPSTARA and work aren’t meant to be done at the same time. No duh!

6)Seriously zutaraians. We can win hottest ship w/o socks. Stop using them, especially those really obvious ones. Though if while I’m gone it’s time for another vote, you can use one for me

7)Ugh, that same random dude from Peru who tried to friend me on facebook (and swore we knew each other) about 6 months to a yr ago tried to friend me again. How hard is “I’ve never met you in my life” to understand?

See ya’ll Monday!
batmarg: (spike)
( Jul. 23rd, 2007 12:04 am)
Well, I finished Deathly Hallows last night so I guess it’s time to do a spoiler post.

Me, Mom, and my brother went to Macon to get the book when it came out at midnight. Since we wanted tickets towards the front of the line we got to Barnes & Noble at 7. Then since we had a LOT of time to waste, we went to the theater to see OotP.

Spoilers for OotP )

Then we went back to wait for the book, still having 2 hours to wait till midnight. The store was packed, and I’ve NEVER seen such a long line in the Starbucks…a line which I waited in. After getting coffee and several “I’ll bet I know where you are” calls from friends, we still had a long wait. Me & mom played cards for at least an hour. They lined us up by group(I was in group C) and we waited to get our books.

I started by book on the way home and finished it yesterday so now for my list of Spoilers )


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