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( Jun. 6th, 2011 12:45 pm)
Belated squeeing &/or ranting. There will be some spoilers. You've been warned.

Movies: (No spoilers; just recs.)
1) Black Swan )

2) The King's Speech )

TV: (Definitely has spoilers)
1) So, I finally saw the Supernatural finale. ... )

2) White Collar is back tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Read the first Amelia Peabody book. VERY minor spoilers )

2) I also read Pat Conroy's Prince of Tides. I enjoyed it, but I'm really not sure why. I didn't like most of the characters, especially the narrator, but the quality of writing was excellent
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( Feb. 12th, 2010 11:15 pm)
Been a while since I made an update of some substance, soooo....

1) Finished the Kurosagi anime with Kyo. It was totally cracktastic, but still fun. I also caught up with the recent manga chapters. OMG! NEED MORE!

2) Made a B+/A- on my first Constitutional History test. Yeah, wacky grading scale, but I'm happy.


4) Had a great day chatting w/ Erica & now Collin is spending the night w/ me so she doesn't have to drive home. Yay!

5) Get to write a paper for my crazy American Lit prof. Thank God it's only 3-4 pages.

6) Managed to get my first crush on a guy in class in YEARS....and he's taken. Oh well, at least I know that I can still be attracted to real guys. That's a good thing.

7) Last 2 White Collar eps: SO GOOD! And the one about the charity had some ADORABLE moments.

8) Mom apparently got me the dvd of Bram Stoker's Dracula as a Hallmark Day gift. Odd gift choice considering the holiday, still AWESOME.

Look at me, actually having a good couple days. :D
Starting to get sleepy now. May actually go to bed at a reasonable hour. Throat's getting sore, but it was totally worth it.

Hope you're all doing well.
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( Nov. 1st, 2009 08:10 pm)
1) Saw ep 2 of White Collar this morning. Good. Damn, like I needed more fandom.

2) Trip to SamGoody yesterday proved fruitful. There was a sale. Got Stardust, Saiyuki Vol 7, and a double pack Secret Garden/Little Princess. And the Saiyuki was never opened, but "used" and therefore $7. :D

3) Spanish test tomorrow. :( Got all my basics down, but having trouble w/ compositions. (Surprise...not)

Meme time!

Give me a character from any fandom, tv show, movie, book you know that I know and I will tell you:

a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.
e. One crossover universe for them I think would be even neater.
f. Their ship from hell.
g. Their song.
h. The title of their biography or autobiography.
i. The last bad dream they had.
j. How they're gonna shuffle off the mortal coil, if they haven't already.


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