(1) Leave a comment asking me to list the "top 5" or "top 10" of any theme you can come up with. For example, you can ask me what my top 5 favourite TV shows are or you can ask me what my top 10 fanfics are.

(2) How are you, f-list?
So, I haven't had time to make my big epic post but:

I came home to Legend of Korra pics and have been squeeing ever since.

And a question: I heard The Last Airbender sucked(no surprise), but that there was a certain kiss. Is this a happy truth?

And I'm seeing Inception Wednesday! Can't wait!
batmarg: (dreden)
( Jun. 11th, 2010 03:47 pm)
I'm honestly gonna try to post something of substance before I leave for England next week. Till then.....

which bender am i?

Well, I'm off to the house to enjoy my last weekend at home!
1)My Questions from Sandwich14 )

2) Used the money mom gave me for my birthday to buy myself Public Enemies & Star Trek. Good use of the money methinks.
2a) Am I really that weird for not celebrating my b-day? I'm just happy to be able to by alcohol. :3

3) Back at school. Start class at 10:00 tomorrow, but since it’s just Aerobics I just have to get up, throw some clothes on and go. I also have American Lit 2 with a lady that's supposed to be insane (but I have to take it) and Feminist Thought (i need to take up poli sci hours. Luckily, my friend said the prof is good)
Luckily Tuesday should be a be a better class day.

4) Watched Angels & Demons over the weekend. I thought it was okay and I liked it better than Da Vinci Code. Also watched Revenge of the Fallen. Did not like it as well as the first (admittedly I was high on pain pills when I saw the 1st & refuse to see it again for fear of disappointment). It seemed to have less plot/character development than the first (and not nearly enough Bumblebee). Anyone else agree?
1)I’m about to disappear till Monday unless I find someone’s wireless to piggy-back off of.. So I hope you guys have a great weekend!
....I miss my puppies already! Oh! And Penny has totally accepted Chloe now. Just Honey to go!

2)I should be seeing the latest Harry Potter. I’m really excited. Also, why are the HP boys the only stars around my age I’m attracted to? (Well, them & Ed Westwick) All the rest of the actors I like are 35+. *is weird*

3)lol. Would people honestly be dumb enough to buy these? http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2009/fortune/0907/gallery.dumbest_iphone_apps.fortune/index.html

4)Why is it nobody tells you shit ahead of time? I was invited late last night to go w/ the bff to the HP midnight showing AFTER I told her I was leaving w/ Mom to go to the beach the next day and hadn’t packed anything yet. And my uncle waited till today to tell us that they were meeting us 2morrow and my gpa had been mistaken about Saturday. I mean it’ll be great to see them but sheesh.
4a)Is my family really the only ppl that pack the night before?

5)CAPSTARA and work aren’t meant to be done at the same time. No duh!

6)Seriously zutaraians. We can win hottest ship w/o socks. Stop using them, especially those really obvious ones. Though if while I’m gone it’s time for another vote, you can use one for me

7)Ugh, that same random dude from Peru who tried to friend me on facebook (and swore we knew each other) about 6 months to a yr ago tried to friend me again. How hard is “I’ve never met you in my life” to understand?

See ya’ll Monday!
1) Apparently Liam’s doing well enough that we may receive a visit from him and his parents in the next month!

2)Feeling much better. Will probably be mostly over this by Friday. Which is good since I’m going about it from the traditional Marg method (get busy & forget to take musinex and robitussin and just be glad my immune system is good). Problem is since I got sick my progress w/ weight loss is shot; I eat/drink more when I’m sick. Oh well. Good news is I’m well into the habit of running 3 times a week, weight lifting 3 times a week, and doing yoga at least 4 times a week w/ mom. If I can just manage to eat less, I can definatly drop a few pounds.

3)Anyone ever watch the Mentalist. Simon Baker’s character is annoyingly smug, but for the most part I’m enjoying the program. Dunno what that Grace chick’s issue is though; Rigsby’s adorable.

4)And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] xlovelylightx I’ve added Cosmo Warrior Zero to my list of anime to try and watch this summer. That list’s getting quite long. Lol.

5)I have now mastered the deep fryer as well as the grill. *is shocked she didn’t burn the fries mon*

6)WT’s been behaving well for the most part this week. Except his random decision to walk home in 95 degree, muggy GA heat b/c I had to wait 45 minutes before I could drive him. (I stopped him) And the time when he introduced me to a guy I already know as his “daughter”, but he actually corrected himself.

7)Why don’t I freak when I see a snake, but I do when I see a roach?
batmarg: (naked Terry)
( Jun. 11th, 2009 01:34 pm)
1)I'm a lot less upset about the weekend's big shock. I'm more amused than anything else at this point. Apparently he pulled his "poor, pitiful me" act with her this morning though. *rolls eyes* Had eye surgery Tues and always wigs out. Apparently also pulling the "don't drink enough water, don't turn on your AC, and then stand up too fast bit".

2)Starting to get into Super Junior now. (I blame you, Erica). Seriously: 13 member boy band? I really need some new good American music; I've only been listening to K-pop/J-rock for weeks now.

3)Finished watching Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro. Liked it. I think I'll actually read the manga now. It seems to be generally viewed as better (and is definatly longer). Mainly I want more Sasazuka (on whom I totally have dibs)

4)I need a government job covering shit up; I'm damned good at it. (Of course when things that honestly shouldn't be secret are supposed to be secret anyway, informing me is a good idea)

5)Ran this morning before work. How the hell do people run every morning. It sucks. But I decided I had to do so in the mornings b/c it's getting far to hot to do in the afternoons.
5a) Not due just to running but I've dropped a pound. *fist pump of victory* Just the same, cutting portion size is killin' me.

6)Maybe going to the beach this weekend! (Yes, again) Hope it works out. Beach weekends are fun times of good food, catching up on my reading, and a strangly relaxed family. And good beer

7) This book is very good. I'm almost done with it. Dad had rec'd it to me. It's like a better Stephen King. (Dad described it as "what Koontz wished he was writing")

8)Apparently there are masked superheroes in NY. o_O http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/06/11/earlyshow/main5080828.shtml


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