*Victoria: Pilot
... )

*Beyond: Pilot-1x03
... )

*Sherlock 4x01-4x03
... )

*Criminal Minds: 12x08-12x10
... )

*Agents of Shield
... )

*Shadowhunters: 2x01-2x02
... )

*Code Black: -2x11-2x13
... )

*Lethal Weapon: 1x09-1x11
... )
*Welcome, new friends from the recent memes!

*My family & C's went down to the beach for New Year's. We hit some awesome restaurants & mostly lazed about. C & I hit the used book store at the pier and grabbed a few things. C & my aunt also gave me a late Christmas gift they didn't get wrapped by Christmas. TK had us watch a bunch of OUAT S1 & we all watched Downton Abbey S5 to refresh before the new season. I also finished The Book Thief (which was REALLY good, even better than the movie) & started Gillian Anderson's book, which has been an easy & enjoyable read thus far.
Pretty nice weekend, though the house starts feeling too small once you have 8 people in it.
Daddy on the other hand spent the trip sick, and, mom insisted he go to urgent care when we got home Sunday (Daddy & I have historically been very against going to the dr because of time & money but mom was very convincing). As expected: stomach bug. He'll be fine.

*Looks like I've got to run Chloe (the beagle) to the vet friday since she's been limping for going on 4 weeks now. They said I had to drop her off so they could "squeeze her in whenever" and they would "keep her till the end of the workday for me". I had to nix that last bit. She's people shy & if I leave her there all day, I'll never get her in a car again. So, I'm going to have to make them call me the second she's done & keep her with me at the office until the end of the workday, unless they release her by lunch, in which case I'll take her home. :/

*And my brother texted me to say that Regan & Susie (labs) teamed up to chew off Susie's collar, so I have to fuss at dogs when I get home & I get to buy another. (I never used to put collars on them, but I had them on for deer season & they seemed to have gotten used to them so we decided to roll w/ it).

*My (digital) Welcome to Rockville tickets came in today!

*Downton Abbey: 6x01
... )

*iZombie: 2x09
... )

*Agents of Shield: 3x10
... )-
batmarg: (Skye)
( Apr. 7th, 2015 11:40 am)
*Hope everyone had a nice Easter/Passover/weekend!

*Haven't had a chance to watch but about half of the last SHIELD ep, and looks like we may be bolting lunch and running out of town to do some cryouts, so I probably can't watch tonight's ep live...and by the looks of that promo, I'm not as disappointed as I could be.

*Got a bachelorette party this weekend and I'm already tired. Oddly, the bride's mother is coming (which is only odd b/c she's a mom. She actually really likes to have a good time. But we're using the family beach house (my parents, dad's sister & her hubby, and dad's brother & his wife split it 3 ways) so I've got to keep an eye on the house as Daddy decided not to charge us. I'm kinda starting to feel like the chaperone. It also doesn't hurt that out of the people invited (14, including me) I only know half of them and only like half of the half. :/

*DISHNet capped out over the weekend, so I can look forward to massively slow internet speeds till the 20th.

*Real post to come later...sometime.
batmarg: (Skye)
( Mar. 26th, 2015 01:14 pm)
(1) Person of Interest (4x18) )

(2) SHIELD (2x14) )

(3) iZombie (1x02) )

(4) I'm super behind on the times, but I'm slowly making my way through Dark Angel. Like every good Supernatural fangirl, I decided to give it a try for Jensen. Alec doesn't show up till season 2 apparently, but I'm loving it even without him. Max is a delightful character who I'm becoming very invested in. And Logan/Max is adorable (even if they have some of that typical tv obvious endgame ship stupidity now and then. The fact they aren't getting together already honestly seems unrealistic.) Wasn't sure I liked Original Cindy since that referring to herself in 3rd person bit is annoying. I'm over that issue now though. I love her!


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