*Victoria: Pilot
-she's adorable. And so it the dog :D
-ugh. I don't like her mom &…mom's friend? Love interest?
-I do like the prime minister though. And the governess
-he loves how sassy Victoria is
-The palace is stunning! (To be fair, Kensington is lovely too. Though I wasn't really sure how I felt about the full "experience" there)
-No wonder he gets her. He's sassy as hell too
-That is too much champagne though
-and subtlety isn't her strong suit
-he cradled the rat to hide it
-yay for staying strong to keep your ladies though
-that was fun. Ready for more.

*Beyond: Pilot-1x03
-aww. A good big bro
-well, that's weird. So this is gonna be aliens?
-I think he recognizes them anyways
-side note: wouldn't he be like really immature for his age? Since he went into a coma young?
-back w/ his brother <3
-"I'm not letting Oprah go to voicemail."
-he's in great physical shape for someone who has been in a coma for years
-wait, what happened to the dog?
-the younger brother having to be the one to give dating advice. Fantastic
-girl knows something…yep
-I keep worrying that someone will be awkward with him but everyone is so nice
-no, not the friend :(
-no wonder they want him
-well, I'm more & more confused
-eh, entertaining enough. Sorta like a Koontz book with less direction
-bless him. He looked sweaty & suspicious too
-don’t tell your brother everything, but clue him in a bit so he knows what he's into
-awkward. Bless him. As a kid, I always worried I'd do something like that in church
-aww. His dad got him a bike…that he cant wouldn't have the license to drive
-why do you find it crazy someone is listening when you have powers and you are being pursued
-I am just gonna have too many logical issues with this show. For example: like he's got the maturity/tolerance for alcohol.
-thank you. Exactly. That is not the body of a coma guy
-did he actually hop dimensions, or is this a hallucination…ok the latter
-well, that's probably sobering them up pretty quickly
-figures he would have a regular domestic life
-you thought he'd roll w/ that?
-doesn't sound perfectly safe
-obviously he'll need to get at least a GED
-kids always love being lied to.
-whatever, dad. Luke is the only one who has really been doing an even halfway decent job
-yeah, I wouldn't let her
-lol. His mind is slowly catching up w/ him body-wise
-aww. His poor friend. :(
-eh. This is sorta my thoughts on John Winchester. So your wife died: it's awful, but you've got to take care of your boys. So, Holden is in a coma: you still need to take care of Luke
-I would never g back in there.
-odd choices.
-but he needs luke

*Sherlock 4x01-4x03
-Sherlock in the car while she's having the baby lol
-him as godfather. What the fuck is wrong with them?
-Mary is a better match for Sherlock, but she doesn't balance him out like John
-oh John you asshole.
-Seriously? They killed Mary? Sherlock's brain works faster than anyone's yet, he can't dodge but Mary can take the bullet
-yeah. He definitely isn't a sociopath.
-poor Sherlock. :(
-he saw himself in her.
-"amazing"…."I mean the chips"
-I'm confused.
-"of course not, I was on the phone."
-Damn, Mrs. Hudson. You go, girl
-what is the dude's obsession w/ how long someone has been working there?
-favorite room? So, sherlock isn't wholely wrong.
-Molly is too good to them.
-I'm glad it was a long lost sister. I mean, I saw it coming but at the same time was somewhat worried it would be Moriarty in disguise, which would be really stupid-
-Cane sword? Awesome
-No. A set up. Clearly don't piss off sherlock
-John is family <3
-And Sherlock wanted to be a pirate
-Ms. Hudson rocking out is awesome.
-love how they were all conviently lined up w/ a window or door
-She manipulated someone outside the prison?
-maybe…b/c she's clearly out now
-Mycroft, you dumbfuck
-this one is rough emotionally
-bitch killed a dog >:(
-Mycroft clearly trying to make sure his brother shoots him instead of John <3
-not a dog but a kid. :(
-this felt very series finale-ish. Is it? Not that it would necessarily be a bad thing

*Criminal Minds: 12x08-12x10
-who needs a pimp when you have wifi
-barbed wire around the body? Even a knick sucks
-banding together is smart
-Wow. That's like some Friday the 13th Part 2 Jason or Scarecrow
-oh she's good
-I kinda feel bad for him
-met at school, guys…and there you go
-aww. His mom gives me gma flashbacks
-ok shes' really good
-taking off the mask! When that happens onscreen its either really good or really bad
-I more than kinda feel bad for him
-what is this? Oh a fake
-is this gonna be a flashback ep? No it's gonna be a newish case
-so batman v joker?
-find a girl who's also an introvert? Ah, we think the same way. Go me.
-what's up w/ the computer?
-go out w/ a bang on a serial killer? Scary
-ooh, I like that kind of pasta
-he'd be a great teacher
-they don't even kind of look like gang members
-never let them in!
-seems more like a cult
-uh oh, don't admit your not all in it anymore
-he's not gonna be the alpha: she is
-and it comes to issues w/ the sibling & parents

*Agents of Shield
-Robots always end up dangerous….well, almost. Dorian (Almost Human) & Bishop (Aliens) were nice.
-Mac & I have seen the same movies.
-he has a point there, Skye/Daisy
-Aww. This feels v S1
-Senator is too intense
-Yo-Yo knows about the robots too
-but isn't May in the bathroom or whatever?
-So is that not actually May? Or did the robot put some nanobots in her brain or something?
-Even Terminator Salvation. lol
-Is anyone surprised he was behind it?
-ok, it wasn't May

*Shadowhunters: 2x01-2x02
-flashforward or dream? Neither. A test.
-still has a thing for him then?
-pretty sure noone in this show deserves Magnus
-well, him I don't trust already
-may as well train if you can't leave bb
-hope mom is actually trying to help
-don’t know that you should confess that to her. The "have to tell them how you feel" is generally a mistake
-at least you caught onto being set up
-well, that's creepy, but he's a baby. That didn't necessarily make him evil
-new boss is a dick.
-Izzy is the best.
-and Simon is having a really bad day
-and I repeat: she's the best
-she listens to him because he's given her reason to trust him
-oh hell no. snake
-and it breathes fire.
-Magus would be a good sponsor though.

*Code Black: -2x11-2x13
-so good to see Jesse there helping
-bless her.
-birthing playlist? Oh lord
-stuck baby. I don't know how mothers handle all the stress
-ok. Rob Lowe has 100% grown on me.
-eh, pushing the romances a bit hard. :/
-yay! He's back. :D
-I wish actual doctors would've gotten involved w/ our athletics
-this helicopter crash & victims is stressing me out by proxy
-if the kid was a dick to the girl, looks like it was inherited.
-sometimes you really would want parents to leave
-aww. Babies please don't argue.
-and here you have the parent you want to stay…actually, the parallels this show draws is one of the things I love about it. It shows you 2 different views on the same/similar situations
-"I was born in '92; I'm practically an astronaut"
-Kid called you out, sir. And the doctor lied. You're a jerk.
-Cystic fibrosis? Oh that poor girl. And poor mom. Any time I know a parent whose told there's even a possibility of that in a child they about die right there.
-"great doctor" <3
-good for the daddy
-yay! So glad things ended well for her.
-and for him too? This is a good ep.:)
-"Oh, I know exactly how good I am."
-Gotta be honest, Noa is slowly growing on me.
-he's not gonna be able to help, but just offer comfort or advice. That's gonna be rough on him
-Twins? Yikes
-aww. The baby :(
-and I can't imagine being a doctor in that situation
-is everyone going to die in this ep to counterbalance how happy ending the last one was
-okay, this is just getting confusing.
-is he dying?!
-ok, no he's okay. :)

*Lethal Weapon: 1x09-1x11
-I'd consider it fortuitous to find myself with him if I was eating alone on Christmas
-though I wouldn't have gone home with him
-so, now he's gonna hate christmas?
-lol. In-laws of course
-ooh, eddie's asking for trouble…
-stole the reindeer. Lol.
-holy shit
-Murtaugh is the best friend ever
-oh lord
-oh hell no
-now you can appreciate your neighbour
-Trish is so perfect
-I understand the need to ask by text to avoid the awkward though
-ok, even I'm weirder out by this experience…not hip enough for silent disco
-bless her heart. :(
-this bromance is too balanced. You need riggs & Murtaugh
-wow. Creative spin on your weekend alone
-I knew that's where he'd go
-aww. Giggling bb.
-so Riggs'll relate b/c Rangers
-Oh this lady is sassy & I love her
-I kill who kill dogs. >:(
-This will definitely result in a fist fight
-Took a turn
-The poor Captain
-The Ranger aspect played in way less than I expected
-Ah, Riggs lacked the money. I figured. lol

From: [identity profile] sixphanel.livejournal.com

I'm going to do some research on Victoria because I like your comments and I haven't heard of the show!:3

From: [identity profile] rogueslayer452.livejournal.com

I've heard great things about the show, and Jenna Coleman is so adorable as Victoria. Then again, I've always found her adorable. I think you may like it. :) ♥

From: [identity profile] rogueslayer452.livejournal.com

I really like Victoria. I got a lot of feels, though, particularly with everything involving Victoria and the prime minister. I just really love their dynamic. And Jenna Coleman is so freaking adorable. ♥

From: [identity profile] erychan86.livejournal.com

I do like the prime minister though.
<3 I love him! Mr M. <3 I just got the book (that weirdly came out after the show) and I cannot wait to jump into it and read more about it! I am sure the book will go deeper into the characters! I've read more from the same author and she's awesome!

Mac, YoYo, you and I... We all know better! LOL

I only saw the 1st episode of Sherlock and we had the same reactions!

From: [identity profile] night-owl-9.livejournal.com

I like Victoria too! I hate that her mom and her mom's friend are so against her :P

Re: Eurus - I'm glad it was a long-lost sister too. For a split-second, I thought it was going to be Moriarty in diguise, and that would have been so crazy.

Yep. Phew. Sherlock 4.03 was an emotional rollercoaster, no question. I'm still trying to process the episode.

who needs a pimp when you have wifi - PFFFT. I haven't seen the episode yet, so it's clearly out of context for me, but your phrasing makes it so hilarious XD

From: [identity profile] bm-shipper.livejournal.com

-eh, pushing the romances a bit hard. :/

I sometimes REALLY don't know what Code Black wants, because one episode they start something with someone and then it's gone. Ever since that almost kiss Noa and Mario barely had any screentime together *lol* NOT that I'm complaining, I'm just saying sometimes it feels like they don't know whether or not they really want them together. I vote for NOT :P

I hated Mario and Angus fighting, but I'm SO gonna write some kind of drabble about that episode where Mario like REALLY apologizes and tells him he's glad neither of them got the job in the end, because I'm sure that's true :P

From: [identity profile] dreammaidenn.livejournal.com

pretty sure noone in this show deserves Magnus hahah that's exactly what I've been thinking. Izzy and Magnus are my favorite parts of the show tbh. Sometimes I can't stand Clary.

From: [identity profile] braverys.livejournal.com

I can't believe Sherlock is over! This season went by so quickly and I'll be gutted if it really is the end.

From: [identity profile] nucleosides.livejournal.com

I am so going to finish this series of Sherlock as soon as I can.


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