*Welcome, new friends from the recent memes!

*My family & C's went down to the beach for New Year's. We hit some awesome restaurants & mostly lazed about. C & I hit the used book store at the pier and grabbed a few things. C & my aunt also gave me a late Christmas gift they didn't get wrapped by Christmas. TK had us watch a bunch of OUAT S1 & we all watched Downton Abbey S5 to refresh before the new season. I also finished The Book Thief (which was REALLY good, even better than the movie) & started Gillian Anderson's book, which has been an easy & enjoyable read thus far.
Pretty nice weekend, though the house starts feeling too small once you have 8 people in it.
Daddy on the other hand spent the trip sick, and, mom insisted he go to urgent care when we got home Sunday (Daddy & I have historically been very against going to the dr because of time & money but mom was very convincing). As expected: stomach bug. He'll be fine.

*Looks like I've got to run Chloe (the beagle) to the vet friday since she's been limping for going on 4 weeks now. They said I had to drop her off so they could "squeeze her in whenever" and they would "keep her till the end of the workday for me". I had to nix that last bit. She's people shy & if I leave her there all day, I'll never get her in a car again. So, I'm going to have to make them call me the second she's done & keep her with me at the office until the end of the workday, unless they release her by lunch, in which case I'll take her home. :/

*And my brother texted me to say that Regan & Susie (labs) teamed up to chew off Susie's collar, so I have to fuss at dogs when I get home & I get to buy another. (I never used to put collars on them, but I had them on for deer season & they seemed to have gotten used to them so we decided to roll w/ it).

*My (digital) Welcome to Rockville tickets came in today!

*Downton Abbey: 6x01
... )

*iZombie: 2x09
... )

*Agents of Shield: 3x10
... )-
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( Dec. 22nd, 2010 11:09 am)
Substance of the post )

About to be on my usual holiday hiatus so:

Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Good luck surviving the holiday, f-list!!!
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( Jul. 10th, 2009 11:18 am)
Puppy pics! )

My cousin (well technically 2nd cousin) is expecting her first baby!!!

As usual, I'll be disappearing for the weekend around 3:30. May go shopping in Macon 2mo! And finally buy Cowboy Bebop dvds
1)Chloe is becoming increasingly fond of walks in the woods and chased a bird ythe other day. I’m getting a hunting dog! And yesterday morning I walked her over near my G-ma’s to discourage doing her business in the yard and Honey actually played w/ her a bit. She was ecstatic; the other dogs have been trying to ignore her thus far. I told Honey it was absolutely adorable and she should do it more.
We also had to give the poor puppy a flea bath….which was interesting since we haven’t given a dog a bath since I was 10, but we didn’t want the fleas to spread to the other two dogs. Or us for that matter.
Anyways, I may put up some pics of Chloe and probably the other 2 dogs soon(ish).

2)My poor cousin has to go to my college’s extremely sucky orientation today. So we went to lunch yesterday. Apparently they decided to keep the pincher mix puppy that someone dropped in WT’s yard the other day. Named it Pip.(short for Pipsqueak. Pip was actually in the running for Chloe’s name, but it would’ve been short for Pippa). I tried to go over all the profs she didn’t want, but will probably just have to txt her a list.

NOTE: Damn aren’t we a puppy-oriented family. Sheesh.

3)All these Zutara fanmixes are making me a very happy fangirl. However lack of Gojyo/Sanzo amvs is making me a sad fangirl....and now I'm noticing how many of these Zutara songs make me think of G/S. Hmmm.

4)Does it make me a bad Christian that I’ve always loved the fact my church had Sunday school and 1 church service on Sunday morning, choir on Wednesdays and a once a month supper and that’s it? I know they’re trying to get more members through prayer meetings and other activities, but I’d really rather not have to go. I feel kinda bad about it, but I like my free time.

5)OMG! I really want to go to Dragon*Con again, but I need to save money for study abroad. But guys: Tom Felton, Jonathan Maberry(new author I like), James Marsters, Leonard Nimoy, John Schneider, and Michael Shanks! Why did the mean D*C people send me this magazine?

6)Shipping meme )

7) I just learned that friends of the family lost their baby. They were on vacation and noticed that the baby wasn't moving. When she went to the dr there wasn't a heart-beat. They c-sectioned but it didn't make it. :(...gosh if that doesn't put the death of Jay(my beagle) in perspective.

8)Also, I'm not a big fan of sausage, but Dad has found the best ever at the meat market. Who ever heard of non-greasy, not over-spiced sausage? I guess the people who cut inch-thick pork chops. :D
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( Jul. 6th, 2009 01:16 pm)
1)Thursday mom went and got us a new beagle puppy. We named her Chloe. She’s 12 weeks old and very cute. Although she’s gonna live outside, we’re still having to get her trained to do her business out of the yard, not jump on people’s legs, not chew on clothes and other things, but my brother is making it very difficult. Seriously, if I’m trying to train the dog not to jump on people, don’t encourage her to jump on you. Oh well, anyways, she seems to get quite excited when we walk the woods path, so looks like I got another hunting beagle like my baby. :D
That said, I spent about 20 minutes this morning getting her out from under the porch this morning since she forgot how to get out and then blocking her path back in. Since it rained, Dad only lets dogs on the front porch (the back one is the dogs’) when someone is on it, and she’s not totally comfortable hanging w/ the big dogs yet(esp since they don’t like her much yet either) she decided under the porch was the place to go.

2)I went to see Public Enemies Friday. It was very good. Johnny Depp was fabulous as always, and I just love classy bank robbers in fedoras anyways. Also, how the hell had my brother never heard of Baby Face Nelson before Friday?

3)I also rented Eagle Eye. It was pretty good, nothing spectacular though. And I kinda figured out the plot way ahead of time.

4)4th of July Weekend )

5) I finally bought a Cobra Starship cd. I also found a Rorschach tee at Wal-mart. (Thanks for the tip, DPAK)

How were your holidays?


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