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([personal profile] batmarg Sep. 21st, 2016 03:01 pm)
Well, apparently our connection (which has been very slow today) doesn't like lj atm.

I've tried to comment on a few of your entries before it decides the page took too long to respond.

I hope to be back w/ y'all soon.

*fingers crossed this actually posts*

Edit 1: Well, apparently the first entry I thought mobile refused to post did actually post. Oops.

Edit 2: I had to get on the one Ethernet connected computer to print some documents and it seems LJ works on Ethernet...unfortunately, I'm on wifi so this doesn't help much. lol
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From: [identity profile]

That's a shame. Hope it's sorted out soon!

From: [identity profile]

Oh no! I hate when I have to use the app! I hope the problem will get sorted out soon! :)

From: [identity profile]

Whenever I'm having rural internet problems, LJ is one of the first sites (after facebook) to stop working for me.

From: [identity profile]

Oh no... I hope you'll be able to get it fixed or get LJ working again...

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