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([personal profile] batmarg Apr. 16th, 2017 12:33 am)
I've gotten majorly behind on cross-posting from LJ. I'm not hopping on the full migration bandwagon, but I plan to do some major importing monday, just to be safe. Hope you're all well.

Happy Easter or have a nice Sunday, whichever applies to you. :)

From: [personal profile] ex_mooseygirl256

May you have a blessed Easter with your family or a good Sunday if you do not celebrate!

From: [personal profile] ex_mooseygirl256

I have made the move. I am commenting only on graphic communities on LiveJournal right now.
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From: [personal profile] verdande_mi

Happy Easter to you :)

I am spending the evening trying to get the hang on everything DW!
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From: [personal profile] verdande_mi

The plan is to do both :) With more people moving here, I thought I wanted to engage more and learn the ropes so to speak.
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From: [personal profile] geckoholic

I have no plans to agree to the new LJ TOS, so I can't make entries on LJ anymore and need cheats/fixes to comment, which means I'm barely on there.

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