*Post w/ real life stuff coming later today.

*As per usual: I downloaded pretty much all the free pilots from itunes & caught only a couple of these on tv. Think I've decided what I'm cutting thus far.

*Pitch: Pilot
-I don't get why they haven't put women in baseball anyways. We all play softball, which is harder to throw & hit a long distance than a baseball. We're downsizing with a baseball.
-aww. That little girl is adorable.
-So her Dad got her into it. :)
-Made Gerard Butler cry. Lol.
-she got a good daddy
-he's right from the pitching angle, but girls can catch & hit
-maybe not a good daddy, but a good coach
-ok, dude's wife is awesome
-Good job, girl!
-oh hell, dad's dead. This has been all in her head
It was good, though I doubt I'll keep up with it this season. I'm not absorbed in it enough & I have never made it through an overcoming the odds sports movie (it's not my thing at all). I may give it a watch this summer though.

*Secrets & Lies: Season 2 Premiere
-Detective is the original Kate Fuller from FDTD, right? And she was in Cape Fear?
-lawyer sister is on the right track
-Dad's pretty shifty
-lol. Awkward elevator ride.
-aww, she'd be a good addition to any family.
-at least she tried to get them to hold it?
-I actually love this wedding.
-not sure what I think about the friend
-another baby…I'm gonna guess before she was dating you. Not that big a deal.
-ooh, a skeleton in the closet.
Okay, that was a good premiere & doesn't tie into the previous season, which I didn't watch. Checking out more eps for sure.

*Aftermath: Pilot
-launching straight into the problem, but not the drama.
-well, I expected weirdness, but not that. Lol
-ok, so they're all one family. Good to know.
-And I'm suddenly really glad that my parents house and the house I'm fixing up have basements built into the side of hills, so I can legit get under the ground during a tornado or something like that
-snakes? I'd be appreciative of my fish
-See. I think, even if you don't like guns, you should probably have one
-They are handling the whole possessed human thing remarkably well.
-The mom is badass.
-holy shit, they can fly?!
-the policeman is clearly off his rocker.
-so they still think they're working
-figured the motorcycle guys would be the saviours
-so close to meeting back up.
-that was a really intense premiere
I'm iffy, but it is my sort of genre. I'll give it a few more eps to decide.

*The Exorcist: Pilot
-I'm very intrigued, but it's based on one of my favorite movies (and a book I need to read), so it's got a lot to live up to
-puppies! (I love how aggressive dogs in movies always wag their tails like crazy. Like they're trained to growl and bark or something. Lol)
-could they not get the rights to the awesome music?
-I like this priest. He's more engaging than many
-that's standard for the exorcist too. Priest whose not completely pious
-Gonna have to wiki Father Marcus. He's really familiar
-how is that other priest there?
-she's got one of those weird furry keychains. I really don't get that fashion statement
-so the angsty sister will get possessed?
-She's trying to be a good sister. :) Nice to see on tv
-about her cats. Lol
-why would she jump straight to demon?
-Ok, I'd believe her a little bit.
-"I blame myself. Because that's what you do when you're an adult." Good for you.
-that's less good for you.
-oh damn. That got bad fast.
-so that guy was possessed?
-and the old priest is jaded of course
-Angela's face doesn't movie
-Tomas needs a hug
-crawling up there is a big horror movie no-no, dude.
-ok. That with the rat was horrifying
-ok. Should've known Katherine was too obvious
-there's the music. :)
Better than I expected. I'll probably get behind because I rarely catch friday night tv, but I'm gonna keep watching.

*Van Helsing: 1x01-1x02
-her blood is going to do something to him
-ok, not her first rodeo
-Environment is polluted? UV lights work though
-he wants to save his friend
-we do realize it's odd she's alive w/o life support & w/o eating/drinking right?
-I get killing the vampire, but the chick who is just sleeping? Really?
-Oh, is he deaf AND mute? (And obviously the Swed). I think I'm gonna like him though
-looks like she was clawing at him.
-wakes up under attack and doesn't know anyone. Poor thing.
-the friend who brought these people to you is probably gonna end up being a bad guy, isn't he?
-aww. And she's got a daughter
-showering together already
-Why does he want to help her leave so bad?
-called it
-that would definitely come as one hell of a shock
-ouch. That hurts me too
-yeah. I don't think she needs your protection
-oh, she cured him
-little bit of a creeper there
-they just want us to listen to unpleasant sounds while we see the title?
-aww bless him. It ought to say something that he came back despite turning human
-I recognize the daughter from something
-so she was always ready to get in a fight?
-yet another deadbeat dad on tv
-good thing Dylan was hiding already
-don't come out of hiding
-oh that's smart. If you know the woman's blood is the cure and that's why you're trying to kill her, why would you bite her?
-I like the ME at the hospital
-so will the volcano cover the sky everywhere? Or could going to anotehr country save you?
-is the ME the one that is a vampire in the first ep
-It's never made sense that a mere vampire bite would turn a person into a vampire w/o going through the siring process. I mean, otherwise, they're killing food sources for no reason & creating competition for limited food.
-he's the nice army dude
-40 miles on foot is def asking for it w/ vamps
-aww. Poor dr. She is the lady in the 1st ep. That explains her loyalty too. He feels did it too her. Good try on her part though, to cut if off.
It was a bit slow of a start, but absolutely my sort of genre, so I'm gonna give it a few more eps anyways

*MacGyver (Reboot): Pilot
-Too much sex in my Mac doesn't nec work for me
-CSI's Nick back on my tv! Yay!
-massage therapist lol
-he aint' that much older kids
-well, that got dramatic…and damn I liked the gf
-gpa is wise
-I like the bff
-yeah, black marker does suggest good resume
-I like the new tech chick already
-of course it would be Nikki…
-that with the plane was insane
-Love the music choice
-"DIY or Die" lol
It was fun. REALLY cheesy though. I'll probably keep watching tbh. Like The Exorcist, I'll almost certainly get behind though.

*Lethal Weapon: Pilot & 1x02
-ooh, this itunes one is supposedly the uncensored pilot, lol
-gonna be honest: never watched the movies.
-have a bad feeling something will happen w/ the baby…
-good music
-oh no. That's awful
-The my wife & kids guy?
-lol. Gonna love this guy as the captain
-The black hostage is probably absolutely ok with the white idiot cop saying that it's better to kill off the white guy. Lol
-leaving the crime scene w/ pizza. My kinda guy
-lol. He's thought about this a lot…at least he's nice enough to leave a check for funeral costs.
-aww. They're working well together already.
-"hardly incriminating. I've wanted to take swings at you."
-damn. Hit w/ a bus. How very Mean Girls.
-neither of you shold be out there, tbh
-no subtley at all
-they should let him talk people out of the military
-entreating on the family chat. Lol.
-she's obviously dead, dude
-aww!!! For a girl who has no interest in children & only a mild interest in marriage, I go weak for a guy w/ a baby
-she's not obviously hiding something, or anything.
-I'll bet that heartrate monitor is off the chain
-things got emotional all the sudden
-bless him. He just wanted his bday gift
Lol it would be Riggs.
-She looks cute though. And shorts are pants.
-I love the wife
-I rarely say this sort of thing but: he needs a shrink
-Noise complaint really escalated
-Shrink better not hook up w/ him. They did that in Person of Interest and it really ticked me off. Completely inappropriate.
-And in her he sees his wife and his baby…
-Why does my mom insist the captain or whatever is David Spade? Lol
-oh, she's tracking his watch
-Fun fight scene.
-getting caught w/ ribs is totally something that would happen to me.
I actually really had a fun time watching this. I'm watching it until it turns me off

*Falling Water: Pilot
-oh this is going to be a demon baby dream?...or weirder than that….?
-then we'd call it nightmare on elm street: dream warriors
-so he's not a cop. I figured every hero on tv these days had to be either a cop or affiliated w/ them
-she's unsure if she's had a baby? Creepy
-love the flea analogies lol
-she doesn't look like a fashion expert
-well, that's disturbing
-creepy, though maybe the most interesting thing that's happened thus far
-and there we have how the characters tie in
-oh, he brought up the mystery kid
-she's gonna say he was playing piano
-well, it wasn't bad. It's got a good concept, but it was a really slow pilot
It wasn't bad, but not captivating enough to hold a slot atm, despite my general 3 ep theory. If friends on the net get onto it, I'll look at it again over the summer/winter hiatus

*Designated Survivor: Pilot
-I love Daddy/Daughter interactions
-well, damn.
-"You're gonna get what you deserve: I'm making breakfast" lol
-ooh forshadowing.
-oh, someone really doesn't like him. He's getting sacked
-well, you wanted to stay in DC...
-yay, maggie q!
-is this gonna be sorta like Dave
-awkward. Lol
-she's gonna be a great first lady
I enjoyed that more than I expected I would. I'll watch a few more eps anyways

The first time I watched the pilot I was cooking for a church dinner & honestly remember very little of it. It was free on itunes, like most of the pilots, so I gave it another go.
-the fact this is inspired by the early life of Dr. Phil is a bit of a preliminary turn off if I'm honest
-that smirk…I can tell you people would totally be biased against him
-Bull sounds like a cocky jerk (Weatherly is still good looking though
-I've met more cynical people than that. TV writers don't know cynical
-I clearly don't understand the fashion of today's youth.
-He's right. That hair and smirk will definitely be a turn off for the jury.
-Well, I'm curious about Taylor's family dynamic
-of course they got leaked to the paper
-ok, the stylist is spectacular
-Rutledge is an even bigger jerk than Bull
-that woke up the jury.
-and that woke up everyone else
-he doesn't even look like the same guy.
-Gay angle: not surprising.
-well, they got their juror
-oh, her closing is good
-well, I knew that guy was gay. I didn't expect him to be the boyfriend though. Damn. Oh and damn she's got the necklace so…damn
Okay. I liked the pilot better the second round. That said, I still don't know that I'll watch it live, at least till Scream Queens season finales. I mean, Scream Queens isn't good, but it's very entertaining. I'm not sure how entertaining this is for me.

*Notorious: Pilot
-attractive main cast
-Boss's boss's son. Lol
-"You're cute, but I'm reading." I feel this
-Ooh, they kick some ass
-Damn girl. Get him.
-Those 2 will totally hook up.
-Was the murder by her bf trying to distract from what he did?
-their friendship will be what's important to the series. Hope it stays this way
Not good, not bad. Giving a few more eps.

*Otherwise I watched a pile of other pilots. Atlanta ,which was good, though clearly not written for me, so I'll give further eps a pass (though I loved the references to places I know). Now, anyone who knows me well knows I don't watch comedies (excepting a select few Britcoms, That 70s Show, Sienfeld, & Friends) because I tend to not find them funny. This is to say, don't take my opinions on these to heart. Anyways, I did watch a few of the comedy/dramedy premieres this year just to give them a go though The Good Place. It was surprisingly entertaining. I doubt I'll keep up w/ it. That said, it doesn't conflict w/ anything else I watch so I may watch it while I yoga on Thursdays. Speechless was fairly charming, but not something that will keep me interested for a season, so I'm dropping it. I find most comedies obnoxious after a few epsiodes. This Is Us was way better than I expected, but not my kind of thing. I may revisit it if it hits netflix instant.

From: [identity profile] bm-shipper.livejournal.com

Okay, that was a good premiere & doesn't tie into the previous season, which I didn't watch. Checking out more eps for sure.

Yes, I agree.. And the cast is amazing. I do wonder who the killer really is, and if it IS Eric, but my money is on the best friend or the father right now. It DOES seem as if Eric was there on the roof, though, or how would he have known "when" to run down the stairs if he hasn't seen her fall?

For a girl who has no interest in children & only a mild interest in marriage, I go weak for a guy w/ a baby

Yes, yes, yes, especially if it's guys like Marten :D

I really like DESIGNATED SURVIVOR. Watched the 2nd episode today. But it's no surprise as I do love Kiefer Sutherland :)

Designated Survivor and Speechless btw. already got a full season order :) Makes me happy :)

From: [identity profile] mahmfic.livejournal.com

... do you really want to know why chicks don't play baseball??

From: [identity profile] icecoldrain.livejournal.com

I don't get why they haven't put women in baseball anyways.
I read that it has to do with women's skills surpassing men's in when I was researching baseball for PE in high school. You read that right. I had a PE teacher who made us write a research paper twice a semester lol.

I don't care for baseball (I think it's so boring lol), but I'm going to stick with the show. I'm a sucker for sports related movies and TV shows lol.

From: [identity profile] ama-ranth-827.livejournal.com

I keep seeing the MacGyver reboot and I keep wanting to watch it because it actually does look good but I have so much stuff going on that I don't think I have time for another show, plus my DVR doesn't have room LOL. I like reading your responses about the show though. :D

From: [identity profile] sixphanel.livejournal.com

I've only watched Pitch, but I really liked it! And damn, I didn't see the whole "the dad's dead" coming. But it makes sense, I guess.

Anyway, I think it's the only new show I might start because I like the theme, I'm a sucker for sports stories... maybe because it's so opposite from me! XD

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