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([personal profile] batmarg Jul. 23rd, 2007 02:47 pm)
1)For any vampire fans on my f-list: CBS is airing a new vampire show this fall(Moonlight).Link Anyone think it'll be any good?
2)According to this, Cillian Murphy will be returning for the next Batman movie!*is a happy fangirl*
3)House season 4 is supposed to be bringing in 5 new cast members, plus last seasons...getting kinda crowded isn't it?
4)I am getting my wisdom teeth removed Friday(oh joy).
5)I move into my dorm August 10th and start classes the 13th.
6)I am seriously suffering from AWS(Avatar Withdrawl Syndrome). When is season 3 gonna start?!

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I would be a fire bender fangirl!!!

Anyways, I think over half my f-list loves Avatar. So, any ships?(Sorry, I always ask that)

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I think I have two ships, really. I'm a Zutara shipper, though it took a while before I started. And I also ship Sokka/Toph.

Tophka? Sokph?

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Zutara is my favorite ship.

I like S/T(I'm not sure what it is either) but not as much as Taang or Sokka/Suki(Sukka?). It's one of those ships that I wasn't a fan of at first. And I love crack-ships; like HARULA!!(Haru/Azula)...cuz it's hot.

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Yeah, I shipped Suki/Sokka, too. Still kind of do. But Toph is really cute about her like of Sokka.

*shrug* And yeah, I kind of like Haru/Azula.

Not sure I really ship anyone with Aang, though.

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Actually, I meant the character Meng(from the Fortune Teller ep) w/ Aang.

But I've never thought on Mai/Aang?(always paired her w/ Zuko or Jet) But that'd be interesting

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Ohh. the little girl? Yeah. That was the only person I ever saw as fitting. Once she's a few years older, that is.

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thanks for the info!

aw...we definatly need to talk before you move in!!

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Totally. I'll try & let you know my schedule(once I figure it all out)

Oh, and I'll be in VA in January!

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I KNOW I seriously feel like I am forgetting everything about Avatar. DDD:


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Good luck with the move and.......

good luck with college as well:)

PS--Thanks for the Moonligh link. It looks interesting. Do you mind if I post the link (and credit you) in my LJ (not link to your LJ but rather to the vampire series link)? Thanks:)

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Since Frank already told you about the September 21st thing...

Wisdom teeth aren't so bad. You get drugs. :D

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Celebratory dance in Cillian Murphy's honor. I am so ready to fangirl over him when the new Batman comes out. I hear that Cameron & Chase are practicing in Arizona and Foreman has he own team in a different hospital.

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Yay for Cillian!!
I'm not sure about what's going on w/ House. The house_md comm hasn't been totally clear. We'll see how it all works out.*not a fan of people removing the original cast*

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Wisdom teeth removal doesn't sound fun. I hope I won't have to have that, but I know a lot of people do.

I wish they'd change their minds and start season 3 of Avatar sooner. I feel like I've been waiting forever.

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