1)My Questions from Sandwich14 )

2) Used the money mom gave me for my birthday to buy myself Public Enemies & Star Trek. Good use of the money methinks.
2a) Am I really that weird for not celebrating my b-day? I'm just happy to be able to by alcohol. :3

3) Back at school. Start class at 10:00 tomorrow, but since it’s just Aerobics I just have to get up, throw some clothes on and go. I also have American Lit 2 with a lady that's supposed to be insane (but I have to take it) and Feminist Thought (i need to take up poli sci hours. Luckily, my friend said the prof is good)
Luckily Tuesday should be a be a better class day.

4) Watched Angels & Demons over the weekend. I thought it was okay and I liked it better than Da Vinci Code. Also watched Revenge of the Fallen. Did not like it as well as the first (admittedly I was high on pain pills when I saw the 1st & refuse to see it again for fear of disappointment). It seemed to have less plot/character development than the first (and not nearly enough Bumblebee). Anyone else agree?
1) Survived trip #2. Everyone displayed good behaviour. We stopped by the old Macon mall & I got 3 pairs of jeans (1 was ½ off!), 1 long-sleeved shirt (OMG! I bought long sleeves), & a Cobra Starship tee. And I managed to get back in time for a haircut. Successful day!

2) My grandma has me coming to her house tonight to “pick something up”. I assume it’s b-day stuff, but she’s the kind of person who’ll suck me in forever. :(
2a) Is it horrible that I have this couple at church who I’ve adopted as my grandparents and when I’m at college I miss them way more than my actual grandparents (save the one who died 2 Thanksgivings ago)?

3) Renting Transformers 2 this weekend. :D

4) Also, thanks to [Bad username or site: “fandomsecrets” @ livejournal.com] I’ve pushed Watson/Holmes/Adler to the side in place of Watson/Holmes/Adler/Mary. I mean, the ship name is WHAM. Lol. And I may be, uh, dragged to see Holmes again once I return to school . :D

5) Going back to school Sunday. Woohoo. *sarcasm* Should be there 5ish. And on the net w/n a couple hours. So I shall soon have more constant net access! Woohoo! *not sarcasm*

6) Thus far taking my usual 16 hours of classes. No class on Friday at the moment!
Current Schedule is:

10:00 am-Aerobics (may take an 11 am if I can)
2:00 pm-Feminist Thought (Ew. But I need the poli sci credits)
3:30 pm-American Lit 2 (this MAY be dropped, since the prof has been said to suck, but I need to be able to take another lit in place thereof & not ditch my friend in the class)

9:30 am-Southern Politics
2:00 pm-Milton
3:30 pm-US Const. History

7) Anyone bedsides me & maybe Aki going to MomoCon this year? Just curious.

8) Give me a character and I will name: 1) my OTP for them; 2) the runner-up pairing; 3) honorable mentions; 4) crack pairings; 5) a ship that everyone seems to like, but I don't.
1)Welcome to any new people! *waves* Just letting you know, a sad fact of my lj is I have no net access when at home. So most of my lj-ing is done on breaks at work until the fall when I go back to college….then I mess around on lj when I should be studying.

2) That said, I’ll actually be disappearing to go to the beach this weekend around 3:30 so I’ll have to get to ya’ll better next week.

3) I’m sorry but I’m not really upset about Michael Jackson’s death. I mean, it feels weird that he’s dead since he’s always been there, but that’s about it for me.

4)I really wanna see Transformers, but my cousin already saw it, my brother and I don’t get along well alone for long periods, and my parents adamantly refuse to ever watch anything related to TF. (They find anime dumb in general & since TF was originally an anime they saw and thought was stupid…..). I think I can convince them to go with me to Ice Age 3 &/or Public Enemies.

5)No particularly hilarious family stories this week.(new people Only that WT referred to himself over the phone to someone as “Wm., the handsome attorney”….though he’s been retired for YEARS. Lol.

6)I’m still depressed about my puppy. And my Dad and brother are still pushing for a new puppy. I’m still kinda meh about it, but I’m sure if we get a new puppy I’ll love it. *has no resistance for dogs….except chihuahuas* Listening to suggested names, good and insane, is hilarious. My favorites so far are Sebastian(that was mine), Artemis Prime(mom), Dingleberry(Tay), Obama(lol). We’ve suggested more appropriate less scaring to the dog names as well. But names like Max, Ben(so I could call it Benji), Sam, etc just don’t have the same ring to them. :D
Note: We haven’t even got a puppy yet.
6a) I managed to go on a walk in the woods(my baby’s fav activity) yesterday and not cry. Though walks aren’t as fun w/o him chasing deer.

Have a great weekend flist!
batmarg: (zutara)
( Jul. 30th, 2007 05:08 pm)
Well, i'm back. I had my wisdom teeth removed Friday. The medication made me sick, so I've switched medication & now(a few days later). I'm up & walking around again. However, I have a very fat face right now.(my cheeks swole up) I feel better, but the drugs still make me tired.

I still went to see Transformers. And it was good. Go watch it.

And I'm sure most of you Avatar fans have seen the season 3 preview. I'm just ashamed by the lack of maturity shown by so many shippers. IT'S A TV SHOW PEOPLE. Thoughts?(on season 3 or ship wars)

And I'll be moving into my dorm on the 10th!


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