I've been super busy with work, church & social things recently. And, tbh, lots of social interaction leaves me exhausted so I've been sleeping instead of catching up on things, but I'm getting there. Actually have to drive to 2 different counties after lunch and then we have choir practice tonight.

Con-bound at noon on Friday. Long drive up & back so: any (free) podcasts you can recommend for listening to on the drive? (Besides Nightvale. I'm already on that bandwagon).

Hope you're all well.
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( May. 20th, 2015 12:05 pm)
Looks like I'm going to Momocon again with [livejournal.com profile] kyoko_minamino. It's not my favorite con but it's the one we've been able to afford and fit into schedules recently. Really, we just want to get together since we live in different states now. So, anyways, if anyone's going, let me know.

We're debating doing Dragon*Con again once we can (a)afford it & (b)find several guests we want to meet. My experience with D*C has been good, but anytime she goes to see a specific person, they decide to cancel. Still, excited! Haven't done that one since college. :)
1) Survived trip #2. Everyone displayed good behaviour. We stopped by the old Macon mall & I got 3 pairs of jeans (1 was ½ off!), 1 long-sleeved shirt (OMG! I bought long sleeves), & a Cobra Starship tee. And I managed to get back in time for a haircut. Successful day!

2) My grandma has me coming to her house tonight to “pick something up”. I assume it’s b-day stuff, but she’s the kind of person who’ll suck me in forever. :(
2a) Is it horrible that I have this couple at church who I’ve adopted as my grandparents and when I’m at college I miss them way more than my actual grandparents (save the one who died 2 Thanksgivings ago)?

3) Renting Transformers 2 this weekend. :D

4) Also, thanks to [Bad username or site: “fandomsecrets” @ livejournal.com] I’ve pushed Watson/Holmes/Adler to the side in place of Watson/Holmes/Adler/Mary. I mean, the ship name is WHAM. Lol. And I may be, uh, dragged to see Holmes again once I return to school . :D

5) Going back to school Sunday. Woohoo. *sarcasm* Should be there 5ish. And on the net w/n a couple hours. So I shall soon have more constant net access! Woohoo! *not sarcasm*

6) Thus far taking my usual 16 hours of classes. No class on Friday at the moment!
Current Schedule is:

10:00 am-Aerobics (may take an 11 am if I can)
2:00 pm-Feminist Thought (Ew. But I need the poli sci credits)
3:30 pm-American Lit 2 (this MAY be dropped, since the prof has been said to suck, but I need to be able to take another lit in place thereof & not ditch my friend in the class)

9:30 am-Southern Politics
2:00 pm-Milton
3:30 pm-US Const. History

7) Anyone bedsides me & maybe Aki going to MomoCon this year? Just curious.

8) Give me a character and I will name: 1) my OTP for them; 2) the runner-up pairing; 3) honorable mentions; 4) crack pairings; 5) a ship that everyone seems to like, but I don't.
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( Mar. 13th, 2009 03:30 pm)
-Well I'm out for Spring Break!!!

-No clue how I did on my rough draft or my spanish test.

-Leaving for Momocon tomorrow at whythefuckamiawake. Can't wait to see you twin!(& Aki?) We'll only be there for Sat. So I'm going to bed early tonight.....at least that's the plan.

-My net access will be off and on throughout spring break. But I should have time to actually read and finish S7(Finally!)
1. When I was very young I honestly believed I was gonna jump into a parallel dimension and marry Spiderman. I mean, tv had proved to me parallel dimesions exist.
2. I would like to get married and maybe have a kid or two, but it's much more important to me that I have a bunch of puppies.
3. I find large dogs much more adorable than small ones(except for beagles)
4. When I was young I thought that Kroger was a feminine hygiene products store because the only time we ever went to a Kroger was when mom needed some tampons.
5. I was a very shy person till I was in 9th grade, and I'm still rather shy but noone believes me now.
6. I get random cravings for pickles and/or sushi. (I have no clue why)
7. I thought Bambi 2 was adorable.
8. I can't go to sleep w/o basically making up a self-insert (because making up and actual fic would require me to get up and write it down)
9. I think Little Debbie snacks, ketchup and American sliced singles are among the most disgusting foods ever, yet I like snails, avacado and other weird things.
10. I have saved 3 baby deer.
11. I automatically think of the sarcastic response to any comment made to me, even a compliment. Luckily, I don't speak without thinking.
12. I have never had a real kiss.
13. Without kissing up to any teachers I basically had free reign of the school and was never checked for a hall pass, all because they thought I was "nice" and "responsible"
14. I am insanly lazy, which is why I'm having a bit of trouble in college. High school got me used to effortless A's.
15. I am really close to both my parents and actually do miss them while at college.
16. I think The Office is a stupid show and don't understand the popularity.
17. Silence makes me really nervous.
18. I also hate sleeping with any lights on, so as a kid I convinced myself that "monsters" couldn't see in the dark either.
19. I am TERRIFIED of roaches. More than almost anything else. (including spiders, snakes, scorpions etc) And I know it isn't logical.
20. I am an English major, not because of my love of literature(though I do like it a lot); I'm an English major because I like grammer and vocabulary. I excell on writing papers.
21. I miss my econ class.
22. I find myself more often attracted to men in their 40s or older. (Jon Schnieder, Marc Harmon, Hugh Laurie, Stewart, Cobert, Jeremy Irons etc)
23. I don't actually believe I'll get married because I want a smart man.
24. I have no idea how, but I can physically stop hiccups. (and I had them before I was even born)
25. One of my fav drinks is bourbon and water.

Also, is anyone going to Momocon?


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