1) I had the weirdest dream.... Involving Avatar & Twilight movies...and shipping )

Told Mom about the dream. Had to explain that the Dante Basco stuff was real, not just part of my dream. She laughed and said you guys are awesome.

2)Also, WTF w/ that ATLA movie cast? Only one I like fine is Aang.

3)And I’m not registered yet, but I defiantly have someone to go w/ me to AWA so I will be going! Hope to see some of you there!

EDIT: Okay another wacky dream:
In one part Tom Felton was my bff and was asking me why I hadn't seen HP yet.
Then I decided I was just gonna drive up to Atlanta by myself and attend Dragon*Con just for the day. In the dream, you couldn't register ahead of time and had to at the door. I see this terrifying line and then realize they're allowing people to sign up to be extras in New Moon right next to the D*C building. I see a very short line for D*C and go in. I get inside and realize the reason it was short was b/c it was the VIP entrance. I get inside and see David Boreanaz and chat w/ him for a minute b4 my friend Jordy comes up and enthusiasically greets me. In my dream he'd become a famous movie star and b/c of this had gotten severely addicted to drugs. He asked me if I'd ever gotten high in our hometown's DQ. Then I woke up.

WTF? And why does Twilight keep ending up in my dreams? Is this it's revenge for me not seeing the movie?
1) OMG CRIMINAL MINDS! What the hell kinda cliffhanger was that?!

2) One of my fav restaurants in Macon that closed back in 06 is reopening at a diff location. :D

3) I missed the AI finale last night b/c it was on at the same time as CM, but I knew I’d be happy w/ either result. They’re both awesome.

4) I had a dream last night that the dogs ended up having fleas REALLY bad and Dad used an electric fence to keep them out of the yard. They honestly don’t really have fleas currently (and they live outside) but I’m thinking this dream was a reminder that it’s probably time to do another precautionary flea treatment.

5) Has anyone watched the Kuroshitsuji anime? I’ve read the manga and was wondering if the anime was worth watching after I finish watching Darker Than Black. (Which is pretty good. Dibs on Hei)

6) Oh lord. I just learned Dad’s brother and daughter are coming down for the graduations. This would be fine and dandy, but they’re staying with us. I love my cousin to death but she’s spoiled(not mean, but spoiled), keeps the weirdest hours I’ve ever seen(and I go to college), strange, and asks loads and loads of VERY random questions.

7) I didn’t get called Mags last night! *fist pump of victory* I was hugged though. :/

8) Time for your WT moment of the day.
WT: Now you be good.
Me: Actually I was thinking I’d be bad today.
WT: You couldn’t be bad if you tried.
Me & Mom:…..LOLOLOLOL.

He doesn’t know me very well, now does he?

lol. Random quote of the day(that WT didn't say): "I love Jesus, but I drink a little".

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome uncle!!!!
1) Oh boy, my brother graduates Friday. Due to all the rain it’ll be in the gym, which means they’ll run out of room which means we’ll have to get there super early. It also means my cousin & them won’t make it b/c they have a damn sports banquet 45 min away to attend immediately before had. And Lord knows you can’t miss anything dealing w/ sports. (Her school believes Sports>everything including academics…..and thing is they’re not even that good if you take them out of the private school circuit.)....damn, it's even raining again now.

2) Had a weird dream last night that combined Saiyuki & Mononoke and involved me my cousin and Iron Man. (my friend, not the char) I wish I could remember what actually happened.

3) Choir practice tonight w/ the obnoxious lady who nicknamed me. :(

4) Terminator: Salvation’s coming out….probably seeing it Saturday. My brother's been fanboying for months.

5) Stupid fandomsecrets….now I wanna be all nostalgic and watch Young Hercules.

6) Why the hell am I ALWAYS hungry?! *is starving but has to wait till after 6:30 choir practice*

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