1)Chloe is becoming increasingly fond of walks in the woods and chased a bird ythe other day. I’m getting a hunting dog! And yesterday morning I walked her over near my G-ma’s to discourage doing her business in the yard and Honey actually played w/ her a bit. She was ecstatic; the other dogs have been trying to ignore her thus far. I told Honey it was absolutely adorable and she should do it more.
We also had to give the poor puppy a flea bath….which was interesting since we haven’t given a dog a bath since I was 10, but we didn’t want the fleas to spread to the other two dogs. Or us for that matter.
Anyways, I may put up some pics of Chloe and probably the other 2 dogs soon(ish).

2)My poor cousin has to go to my college’s extremely sucky orientation today. So we went to lunch yesterday. Apparently they decided to keep the pincher mix puppy that someone dropped in WT’s yard the other day. Named it Pip.(short for Pipsqueak. Pip was actually in the running for Chloe’s name, but it would’ve been short for Pippa). I tried to go over all the profs she didn’t want, but will probably just have to txt her a list.

NOTE: Damn aren’t we a puppy-oriented family. Sheesh.

3)All these Zutara fanmixes are making me a very happy fangirl. However lack of Gojyo/Sanzo amvs is making me a sad fangirl....and now I'm noticing how many of these Zutara songs make me think of G/S. Hmmm.

4)Does it make me a bad Christian that I’ve always loved the fact my church had Sunday school and 1 church service on Sunday morning, choir on Wednesdays and a once a month supper and that’s it? I know they’re trying to get more members through prayer meetings and other activities, but I’d really rather not have to go. I feel kinda bad about it, but I like my free time.

5)OMG! I really want to go to Dragon*Con again, but I need to save money for study abroad. But guys: Tom Felton, Jonathan Maberry(new author I like), James Marsters, Leonard Nimoy, John Schneider, and Michael Shanks! Why did the mean D*C people send me this magazine?

6)Shipping meme )

7) I just learned that friends of the family lost their baby. They were on vacation and noticed that the baby wasn't moving. When she went to the dr there wasn't a heart-beat. They c-sectioned but it didn't make it. :(...gosh if that doesn't put the death of Jay(my beagle) in perspective.

8)Also, I'm not a big fan of sausage, but Dad has found the best ever at the meat market. Who ever heard of non-greasy, not over-spiced sausage? I guess the people who cut inch-thick pork chops. :D
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( Jun. 3rd, 2009 03:30 pm)
1)Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] spiritualenergy I now have a Dreamwidth account. I don’t know that I’ll be using it that much, but with lj’s tendency to go insane, I have it as a backup. Still, feel free to friend me over there. My username is also batmarg.

The entry isn't that long but to save your f-lists....
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5)Best news is baby Liam seems to be doing MUCH better. Neuro thinks they can ween him off the meds!! :D
1) Oh boy, my brother graduates Friday. Due to all the rain it’ll be in the gym, which means they’ll run out of room which means we’ll have to get there super early. It also means my cousin & them won’t make it b/c they have a damn sports banquet 45 min away to attend immediately before had. And Lord knows you can’t miss anything dealing w/ sports. (Her school believes Sports>everything including academics…..and thing is they’re not even that good if you take them out of the private school circuit.)....damn, it's even raining again now.

2) Had a weird dream last night that combined Saiyuki & Mononoke and involved me my cousin and Iron Man. (my friend, not the char) I wish I could remember what actually happened.

3) Choir practice tonight w/ the obnoxious lady who nicknamed me. :(

4) Terminator: Salvation’s coming out….probably seeing it Saturday. My brother's been fanboying for months.

5) Stupid fandomsecrets….now I wanna be all nostalgic and watch Young Hercules.

6) Why the hell am I ALWAYS hungry?! *is starving but has to wait till after 6:30 choir practice*

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