[personal profile] mirabile, I received your Get Well Soon flowers -- thank you so much! They cheered me up a lot today on my last day of recuperating at home, and will continue to do so at night.

(Feel free to click the thumbnail.)

Also, y'all, I love this show, especially this season: Killjoys up to & including 3x04 ''The Lion, The Witch, and the Warlords'' )
Because my wife purchased it after watching the movie trailer, I too read the book, mostly in waiting rooms: A Wrinkle In Time )

I may pass on the follow-up books of the quartet (the ones I haven't read already), but I'm definitely looking forward to the movie, which looks visually stunning and well-cast.
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([personal profile] lauramoon Jul. 25th, 2017 01:30 am)
So, my sister saw these tattoos and decided we had to get them, and my brother and I were like cool, we're up for that.

(Normally I would feel shitty for stealing someone else's tattoo idea, but since it was really JK Rowling's design originally, I'm feeling okay with it.)

So the question became: Who gets which hallow? My sister asked our whole family, family friends, etc., which of us they associate with each of the deathly hallows.

The results were unanimous. Every single person said the same thing: Carly, resurrection stone (I mean obvs, with my history Lady Lazarusing); Ashley, elder wand; Alex, invisibility cloak.

Okay, by unanimous, I mean every person consulted agrees, but that isn't how Ashley wants it. She wants the invisibility cloak. (Because, she says, she is the responsible one and would make a responsible choice.) Here's the thing: My sister is Slytherin af. She is by an enormous margin the most ambitious of the three of us. She is confident and goal-oriented, total Type A. She is very motivated by money and status, she is super competitive and cannot stand to lose, and she has a kind of Machiavellian sensibility about her when it comes to making decisions. She likes power. She likes to be in charge. She likes to win.

She would hella want that wand.

"But the first brother was arrogant," she said, "and he died."

They all died, I pointed out, but the first brother died in pursuit of greatness, and the third brother evaded death basically by being chill and doing as little as possible, which is my brother's style. The man is 28, and I still wrap presents for him for every occasion, and tell him what to buy. Half the time, I do the shopping for him, and just ask that he pay me back. This has a success rate of about 50%. (I can't decide what his house is. I was thinking Hufflepuff because of how averse to conflict and laid back he is, but Hufflepuffs are also supposed to be industrious and hardworking, so...)

(Also, no one who knows us would be surprised that we are of three different houses. My grandmother told us once that we are the most dissimilar siblings she's ever met, and she has 27 grandchildren.)
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PSA: I am not a literal, call the doctor "hazard to myself" rn. I don't want my self deprecation to worry anyone. I'm safe. Kiss.

Making a playlist dedicated to my deteriorating mental state and general fuck-up-edness is prob what my pdoc means by healthy projects, right?

(Work in progress. Recommendations welcome.)
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([personal profile] impala_chick Jul. 24th, 2017 07:58 pm)
It feels so good to be home! I feel like I've been gone an eternity. Training was tougher than expected - physically and emotionally. I'll try to catch up on entries today.

WONDER WOMAN was so good. Easily my favorite film of the year. Spoilers )

Spider-Man: Homecoming was fun. Spoilers )
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139 x Galavant

here )
Has everyone see this? Minor spoilers.

How about this? Same minor spoilers as above vid, plus a few spoilers for episodes still in the planning stages.

'Timeless' Team Celebrates Resurrection, Teases "Complicated" Season 2 Dynamics

The vid referenced in the above article isn't visible for me (already!) so here's a link: Calling all Timeless fans: This Comic Con video is just for you. Watch it fast before it gets taken down, too.

These guys! They are so much fun to watch together. I had no idea that Abigail Spencer is such a chatterbox as well as a wonderful actor. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

What I want to talk about is (1) the season finale and (2) what all of that means for the next season. (Really I want to talk about everything but one problem at a time.)

Flynn is in prison, for now. What will be their reason for springing him? How do you think the changes in the team dynamics will affect the series?

We know now that an older version of Lucy gave Flynn her journal. Since he was carrying it on his first mission, back to the crash of the Hindenberg, she must have traveled back in time to do that. You could almost say he was using it as as his guidebook. Why did Lucy give Flynn her journal? How did she manage to travel back in time without sacrificing life and/or limb? What could have happened to make her take that sort of risk?

I put spoilers under a cut. I hope it works.

possible spoilers for season two )

That still leaves six scripts out of the ten that were ordered. What little known yet pivotal moments in history would you like to see the series put into the spotlight? Choose any place, any time, any figures in history.

Last but not least, what the heck is going on with Jia? She had that fleeting vision, for lack of a better word, of an unfinished Golden Gate Bridge superimposed over the completed bridge appear and then vanish. Is this her superhero origin story? Is she going to continue having these random glimpses into the past? Why was she the only passenger aboard the lifeboat that was affected?
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([personal profile] monanotlisa Jul. 23rd, 2017 12:15 am)
As everybody reading this knows, the most curative thing during recovery is binge-watching a television show. Recall my earlier brief notes on iZombie Season Three? One down; four to go: The 100 (still on Netflix, I hope); Orphan Black; Killjoys; and Wynonna Earp.

I looked at the latter two and chose Wynonna Earp. Why? Guess I was feeling Western rather than Westerly, feeling like two sisters as the leads rather than two brothers.

Just three bulletpoints on Wynonna Earp, up to & including 2x07 ''Everybody Knows'' )
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([personal profile] orangerful Jul. 22nd, 2017 04:14 pm)
To avoid any more deep thoughts today, I spent any downtime at work browsing the #SDCC2017 and #RIVERDALESDCC tag on Twitter and THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!!


LINKING SO THAT THE "still image" doesn't spoil anyone because I don't trust YouTube to make the right decision

...I need to make some Riverdale icons...
I've been watching the 2011 sageuk Tree With Deep Roots, which is a political thriller about the creation of Hangul, which Six Flying Dragons is a prequel to. Tree should be watched before 6FD though. My first “I wish I’d watched this while it was airing” moment with it was the fight at the end of episode 7/beginning of episode 8. Because while I recognize that the flying/mid-air clashing effects were fairly advanced and cutting edge for 2011, they are…very dated, especially since I watched and rewatched the more advanced versions of that technology in Gil Dong and Mori’s fights in Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People earlier this year.

Speaking of Rebel, as I’ve been discussing with @dingax, who I’m watching Tree with, Tree is almost an inversion of Rebel. Or more accurately, Rebel is an inversion of Tree.

spoilers for both series )
So, I'm about halfway through Hillybilly Elegy by J.D. Vance which is all about issues in rural America and the culture that exists there. It became a bestseller after Trump was elected president because it was implied that these were the people that voted for him so everyone is reading the book in the hopes of making sense of it all.

I saw this article in the Washington Post about rural Americans and disabilities and unemployment and it echoed a lot of the issues that Vance talks about in his book. And it all just blows my mind and I struggle to find any way we can all understand each other. This culture, the entire way the families function, it just is so alien to how I grew up, how I was raised, the values instilled in me.

And, the irony being that you could read about some of these situations they go through - the broken homes, the scraping by etc. and if you saw it out of context, you might think it has to do with inner city living and "minority" groups. And this is probably what makes the divide worse because most of us fight for equality for different groups, trying to figure out how to fix a broken system, but these rural poor white groups end up getting ignored because, technically, they are part of the majority?

I dunno, it is all so hard to even grasp because that world is just so alien to me having grown up in middle class suburbs. And I'm sure that is a huge part of America's problem right now because there is no way to have a dialogue that makes any sense because the culture of both sides is so different.

I had to return the book without finishing it, I'm back on the waitlist (only 100 people ahead of me blurgh!) but I wonder what each person is getting out of this story. Living in Maryland probably gives a unique perspective too since it has a large transient population due to military and government contractor jobs, but at the same time there are people who have always been here. And Virginia and Pennsylvania aren't that far, so I'm sure people who grew up in that society have migrated across the states to start anew like Vance did.

Has anyone read the book? Thoughts? feelings? reactions? Obviously his life story isn't the ONLY story of someone growing up there, but the news coverage of the unemployment issues and opiod crisis are making it seem like perhaps his story is more average than we would ever want to believe.
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([personal profile] jebbypal posting in [community profile] timeless_lifeboat Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:14 am)
You can answer this challenge however you like: graphics, icons, vids, fanfic, interpretative dance posted to youtube, whatever. :)

Please post your responses as an entry in the community (rather than in reply to this post) and tag it with challenge response

Challenge #2 topic: moving pictures
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Okay we have 8 days left in Japan and I'm still trying to scan pictures so I can bring memories digitally instead of big stacks of albums and sell stuff. We aren't even started packing our suitcases. And we have so many bucket list people to see one last time and things to do and eat one last time. And now my kids are done school and expect entertainment. This is like The Perfect Storm. I'm sorely tempted to just get on the plane and LEAVE. ALL. THE. CRAP. BEHIND. So what if we lose a couple years of photos, right? siiigghhh 

In fandom news:
Game of Thrones is back and I'm suddenly shipping Missandei/Grey Worm like whoa. Those little glimpses in the trailers have got me so excited! They've had just the sweetest ~longing looks~ relationship where they've both vocalized how much they desire the other and yet have dutifully refused to act on their feelings. JUST DO IT ALREADY DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT SHOW YOU ARE ON. Like, other characters keep going on and on about how he has no equipment, and I'm like... that's not technically true? The way he shut down Daario on that with just a withering look last season was just A+++ XDDD Seriously they can have all the joys of a loving relationship with none of the childbirth/rearing stress! I'm feeling this is a fantastic life choice decision especially now. XD I love how much he *hearteyes* over her, how she's always the one making all the moves because he won't
Awesome premiere ep though. It was very much like setting up pieces on a chess board- you can probably see how it's all going down...but you're likely to be completely crushed by your expectations when things go absolutely sideways instead! "The Great Game is terrifying" and absolutely riveting teeveeeeee! :DDD

Here is my fandom giftbox if any of you are interested! I don't know if anybody else has one, but reply with a link yours if you do! I love stuffing, but I will obviously be doing it post-move!

Shadowhunters continues to delight more and more! I think it's Sebastian|Jonathan, but I'm waaay more interested in 2B than 2A or S1? I just wish there was more Izzy and less Clary, but fine, fine plot. (Why do I always glom onto non-main characters to stan in TV shows? There's got to be a psychological reason for this.) 


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