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*Pimping for [ profile] jediknightmuse

Worldsmyths is a non-role playing community of fantasy writers and readers who enjoy looking through the wrong end of a telescope, filled with writers of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We discuss everything from writer's block to cliches, to magic systems and technology as well as other things such as helpful resources and more. Our library is members only and serves as a great way to read the writing that's been posted and give chapter-by-chapter reviews. We also have month long writing challenges and a trove of writing prompts.

*Writing discussion and resources
*Writing prompts and challenges
*Beta reading
*Members only library with opportunity for feedback
*Friendly staff and members
and much more!

Worldsmyths || Member Testimonials || Twitter || Facebook || Pinterest

*And for [ profile] mahmfic

Here's her brother's gofundme page

From: [identity profile]

Ooo, sounds intriguing. i'm trying to get back my motivation to write.

From: [identity profile]

We have a few other members who are in the same boat as you and want to get back into writing, so you'd fit right in. We'd love to have you there! :-D

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