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*Yay! Fall tv has started back. :D
Note: I tend to watch all the drama pilots (esp since Pilots are often free on itunes) and maybe a few more episodes before I decide what to keep. I doubt I'll watch ALL of these. I don't watch any comedies live. I'm super picky about my comedies and just watch the ones I like on netflix.

My fall tv schedule.

Agents of Shield
Scream Queens
Channel Zero?

Criminal Minds
Code Black
Lethal Weapon? (Probably not)
Designated Survivor?

Legends of Tomorrow
Football (Only if the Falcons are playing)

The Exorcist
Van Helsing

College Football!!!

Masterpeice (almost whatever they play)
Ash vs Evil Dead

Luke Cage
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Star Trek
Prison Break?
Still Star-Crossed
Time After Time

Things I need to catch up on
The Flash
Hawaii Five-0
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Librarians

*Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] aweeghost
Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley
This is a really hard decision. I adore Ron. A lot of people don't seem to like him at all, which I really don't get. That said, Hermione is one of my absolute favorite characters from the series. Strong, intelligent, and unwilling to put up with nonsense. She's probably the most useful & helpful character in the series. She clearly has a lot of development through the series, but always stays true to herself.

avada kedavra or expelliarmus
Always try to disarm before you just kill someone. (And this is from a country girl who believes in the value of a gun for home protection)

elder wand, resurrection stone, or invisibility cloak
The invisibility cloak is more useful & less dark/corrupting. And I'm not going to say I'd never get up to shenanigans with it. :)

ravenclaw, slytherin, hufflepuff, or gryffindor
I'm definitely a Slytherin. Ambition, cunning, and attitude all the way. Slytherins get a bad rap, not totally unfounded, but a gross overstatement. I do feel they were mistreated in the last book. I still can't believe that not a single Slytherin would've stood with their fellow students against Voldemort. Ambition doesn't mean evil.

dumbledore's army or the order of the phoenix
I know kids were always supposed to feel a sense of kinship with children/young teens who battled evil, but I was the kid who couldn't take that seriously. How could they protect the world when they had bedtimes, school, parents who would want to know where they were, etc. I always preferred the programs where it was adults saving the world (Batman Beyond being an exception, but Terry had the real Batman's help, but you could still see how that life was biting him in the ass). All this to say, I was more interested in what was happening with the Order. While the children in the DA were certainly involved in the war, the Order was on the frontlines. They were engaging in espionage, recruitment, and facing down Death Eaters. Being honest though, the involvement of the Marauders, who were always my favorites, didn't hurt my interest.

the first or the last harry potter film
I want to answer the second lol. I thought the second was the best movie as far as getting as much of the book in as possible, while still being charming in it's own right. That said, I liked the first movie better than the last based on plot. I was not a big fan of the last movie. Besides, even with Harry Potter, the sequels rarely capture the imagination the same way as the first.

diagon alley or hogsmeade
Close call, but Diagon Alley is the introduction to the Wizarding World for muggleborns and the introduction to the Hogwarts experience for all of its future students. It also seems like the more full wizard shopping experience, and I take shopping seriously.

yule ball or bill and fleur's wedding
Yule Ball. It sounded like a lot of fun. Prom for the Hogwarts kids.

house cup or the triwizard tournament
House cup, I think. I have a big soft spot for both, but the Triwizard Tournament is just too dangerous for kids. Much more entertaining, but way too dangerous.

potions or defence against the dark arts
Hard choice, but I'll probably go with Potions. I feel like both classes are of equal importance, so it comes down to which I think I'd be better at as a factor. I feel like I'd be better at the former. There's also the issue of how ineffective most of the DADA teachers were (Lupin as an obvious exception). Snape may have been a dick, but the man knew his potions…I also had a bad habit in grade school of baiting my teachers, and Snape would've been really fun to do that with (especially as, with me being a slytherin, he'd hate to deduct points)

dragons or house-elves
Dragons! House elves are charming, but I've always been a dragon fan. At least since Daddy told little me The Hobbit as a story to keep me entertained on a long car ride, if not before.

the seven horcruxes or the three deathly hallows
Horcruxes are terrible, but the Three Deathly Hallows taught a lesson. I much prefer it.

quidditch or hogwarts express
Quidditch for sure. It looks like loads of fun to play (though I'm sure I'd be terrible) & watch.

polyjuice potion, patronus charm, or unforgivable curses
Patronus Charm. It's a beautiful charm. The Unforgiveable curses are obviously a bad thing, and doing the polyjuice potion sounds disgusting. I'd rather do the charm that both protects me and does require killing or injesting.

death eaters or dementors
Death eaters are more interesting as characters, and potentially more easy to defeat in a fight.

godric gryffindor, helga hufflepuff, rowena ravenclaw, or salazar slytherin
I may be a Slytherin, but we don't have the most positive founding father. Rowena was my favorite of the Hogwarts founders. She's smart & badass. I love her.

order of the phoenix or goblet of fire
Goblet of Fire was better for me. I think OotP may have been a better book, but it was the book when Harry himself started to really get on my nerves. Since that tends to cause disputes, no I don't hate Harry by any means, but he was acting like a damn brat this whole book, imo. And when the main character is annoying, it colors the book.

minerva mcgonagall or albus dumbledore
I like Dumbledore, but McGonagall is a much more interesting character. She was also clearly the stronger character. She didn't put her students in danger the way Dumbledore did and she protected them fiercely.

bellatrix lestrange or narcissa malfoy
I hate Bellatrix. She's been nothing but an awful person since we met her. Narcissa is problematic, but at least when it came down to it, she just wanted to protect her family.

ron/hermione or harry/ginny
Ron & Hermione were my OTP from day one. They're a surprisingly good match and have loads of chemistry. Harry/Ginny is cute, but not that interesting.

thestral or hippogriff
Hippgriffs I think. I've loved Buckbeak since we meat him. He has an heir of a somewhat feral dog or cat,( which is endearing to me as a crazy dog lady with a thing for cats. Lol). Plus, I hope to not be in a situation where I see the thestrals.

sirius black's motorbike or the ford anglia
The motorbike is way more badass.

godric’s hollow or the burrow
Godric's Hollow was full of history, but the Burrow felt like home in the world of Harry Potter to me. Besides Hogwarts, it's where Harry could feel like he belonged.

neville longbottom or harry potter
Neville has so much development through the series. Noone could've expected how amazing and badass that goofy kid in the first book would be, but he ended up being one of the strongest characters in the novels….and as I admitted earlier: I love Harry, but he bitches too much.

james and lily or snape and lily
Not a fan of James, but he's still the one Lily chose, so James/Lily. That said, the tragedy of Snape/Lily is a more interesting read.

the golden trio or the silver trio
Eh, gotta go for the Golden Trio.

remus lupin or sirius black
This one is too hard since they are basically my favorite characters, so I really want to go w/ both, but I think I love Sirius just a tad more.

severus snape or draco malfoy

the malfoys or the weasleys
The Weasleys definitely

love potions or the time turner
I probably wouldn't use either. I think the love potion is morally wrong, but the time turner is dangerous. Still, I think its not as bad as the poition

the tale of the three brothers, harry potter and the cursed child, or fantastic beasts and where to find them
Holding off till I've read all of these.

*Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I plan to post something of more substance later in the week. :)
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